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Fact sheet, April 2017

Transition of communities to All IP

Communities are responsible for the most diverse communication remits and consequently operate many and vastly differing communication infrastructure installations. Communities must consider these installations in detail for the transition to All IP.

Fact sheet, April 2017

ISDN today and in the future with 2018 universal service

Swisscom advises all customers not to use ISDN telephones with the new landline-based IP telephony, and recommends that they switch instead directly to IP landline-based telephony in order to benefit from the advantages of IP telephony such as spam filters for unwanted calls, HD voice technology, name display, a personal list of blocked numbers, etc.

Fact sheet, April 2017

Communication of SIP Credentials

Even after they have received their SIP credentials, Swisscom recommends that customers continue to use their own Swisscom routers, which have been thoroughly tested. Swisscom is committed to the quality and security of these products.