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Switching properties to IP

With traditional fixed network technology now outdated, most lines will be switched to IP by the end of 2017. Most lines were switched to IP by the end of 2017. At the beginning of 2018, the full migration of customer lines to IP began across Switzerland to help drive the phasing out of the old infrastructure in those areas. Customers who did not migrate to an IP product then should do so as quickly as possible. Swisscom will provide them with support. Customers who have not yet switched to an IP product by then will be helped to do so by Swisscom.

Frequently asked questions

Which connections are affected?

The traditional connections used in fixed network telephony are affected by the switch to IP. In larger properties, lift telephones, alarm systems and building services that communicate using the fixed network need to be checked for their IP compatibility.

As a real estate manager or owner, what must I do?

  • Create an inventory of all systems that communicate using traditional fixed network connections (lift telephones, alarm systems, building services etc.).
  • Get tenders from suppliers
  • Clarify the budget
  • Go ahead with the switch in good time

What do I need to think about for new buildings and renovations?

  • In the course of any new-build or renovation projects, it makes sense to install modern cabling and incorporate plans to upgrade lift telephones, alarm systems and building services.
  • Modification work can be smoother and more cost-efficient if the procedures are well planned in advance.

What will the switch cost?

The costs will depend on the solution you choose. Swisscom is financing the investment for switching its networks and exchanges but the costs for switching building infrastructures will be met by the owners.


Switching special applications to IP

Alarm systems, lift phones, fire alarms: all major, and often life-saving special applications which are affected by the switch to All IP. Unlike fixed network connections, we cannot provide customers with direct support because the contracts for these applications are concluded with the respective providers and not with us. Find out more in our video.

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