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  • The best in the networked world
    – everywhere and all the time

Swisscom Corporate Strategy 2020

Technological transformation, intensive local and global competition and changing customer needs result in continuous price and volume erosion in our traditional business with usage-based products. Our long-term strategy aims to compensate for the decline in revenue and profit, thus maintaining the financial power to invest strongly in new technologies.


What shapes our vision

Three fundamental trends are changing the ICT sector environment and influence Swisscom Definitive strategy.

Always online

Digitisation not only connects people to an increasing extent: it also networks smart applications and devices.


In the future all products and services will be run on the basis of the Internet protocol. Storage capacity, computing power and software will be pooled increasingly from the Internet.

Global competition

International competitors benefit from global scale effects and change business models through the increased use of customer data.

Our vision

The best in the networked world – everywhere and all the time

As the best partner in the networked world Swisscom advocates simplicity, inspires customers' trust and captures their imagination. It allows customers to feel secure and at ease, quickly and simply find their feet and experience and achieve the extraordinary.

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability pioneer

Swisscom has a vision of Switzerland as a modern, forward-looking country: a country brimming with opportunities, particularly in the area of sustainability. Swisscom bases its strategy on six focuses and has defined a long-term goal for each by 2020.


What we aim to achieve

Based on its strategy, Swisscom has set different short and long-term goals, which take into account economic, ecological and social aspects.

Financial Goals for 2016

Net revenue more than CHF 11.6 billion
Operating income before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) approx. CHF 4.25 billion
Capital expenditure in property, plant and equipment and other intangible assets approx. CHF 2.4 billion

Ecological goals

Energy efficiency in Switzerland +35% to end 2020 (compared with 2015)
CO² emissions in Switzerland 2:1 (savings twice as great as own emissions) by end-2020

Other goals

Ultra-broadband homes and businesses in Switzerland 85% cover by end 2020 with over 50 Mbps
Ultra-broadband homes and businesses in Italy 30% cover or around 7.5 million by end-2016
Mobile ultra-broadband in Switzerland 99% coverage with 4G/LTE by the end of 2016

Our values

We focus on people and their relationships. We are successful together.

Careers in Strategy

We are looking for Strategy Managers to join us in shaping the future.