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Corporate strategy

Corporate strategy and objectives

Our market environment has undergone tremendous change in recent years. Digitisation is omnipresent and is picking up pace. Customer needs are also changing as a result of the breakneck speed of technological change. The competition on the saturated core market is becoming increasingly fierce and new providers are gaining a foothold in the market with disruptive business models. These developments are exerting pressure on our business. The aim of our long-term strategy is to compensate for the decline in revenue and income in order to maintain financial strength for the high level of investment in new technologies.

  • “By simplifying business processes and continuously improving our efficiency, we will improve the stability of our Swiss business.”

    Mario Rossi, Head of Business Steering Switzerland

  • “We will continue to make major investments in new technologies so we can offer our customers the best in a networked world.”

    Heinz Herren, Head of IT, Network & Infrastructure

  • “Innovations and best experiences set us apart from our competitors, impress our customers and generate revenue.”

    Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Products & Marketing

  • “With the Cloud, AI, IoT and new data-based solutions, we are opening up new opportunities in our corporate business.”

    Urs Lehner, Head of Swisscom Enterprises

  • “We are speeding up growth in all business sectors and capitalising on opportunities in the Italian market.”

    Alberto Calcagno, Fastweb

Mega trends

Where we're headed

Mega trends change our habits, the way we work and live. None more so than the digitisation mega trend: we are always networked everywhere – for business or in private. We live in smart cities and work flexibly. We shop more discerningly and save resources. Besides all the benefits for society, mega trends also drive the economy – they open up growth markets for the ICT industry. And we build on that, by developing smart solutions today for the Switzerland of tomorrow. For there is no doubt about it, the future is digital.


As number 1, we are shaping the future. Together we inspire people in the networked world.

In its capacity as a market, technology and innovation leader, Swisscom connects both residential and business customers. In our increasingly networked world, it is taking an active role in shaping the future and inspiring it with confidence. Swisscom focuses on the needs of the people in everything that it does. Its employees work in concert to provide inspirational experiences. Swisscom is committed and trustworthy in its actions, consistently takes an inquisitive stance towards further development and never loses sight of what is important when pursuing its goals. Customer trust is at the heart of everything Swisscom does, and is reinforced by the reliability and sustainability of the company's activities. In order to turn its vision into reality, Swisscom has set out three strategic ambitions which define the strategy.

The best customer experience

A powerful infrastructure forms the basis for an optimal customer experience. Swisscom seeks to offer its customers a state-of-the-art IT and communication infrastructure with networks that are second to none in terms of security, availability and performance. At the heart of Swisscom's success is its relationship with its customers, together with its top-quality service and end-to-end captivating experiences. Swisscom customers are served competently though individual, flexible and personal service.

Operational excellence

Fierce competition is slashing the turnover of national telecommunication providers and increasing the pressure on costs. For Swisscom it is of central importance that it consistently optimises its cost base in the coming years to remain financially successful in the long term. This is the only way we can release the funds for developing new business opportunities and secure profitability.

New growth

Swisscom wants to capitalise on growth opportunities by continually developing its core activities and opening up new business areas. When selecting growth areas, Swisscom is guided by future customer requirements, focuses on future-oriented business models with substantial growth and is making increased use of partnerships. Swisscom's Italian subsidiary, Fastweb, plays an important role in efforts to realise growth opportunities.

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability pioneer

Swisscom has a vision of Switzerland as a modern, forward-looking country: a country brimming with opportunities, particularly in the area of sustainability. Swisscom bases its strategy on six focuses and has defined a long-term goal for each by 2020.


What we aim to achieve

Based on its strategy, Swisscom has set different short and long-term goals, which take into account economic, ecological and social aspects.

Financial Goals for 2018

Net revenue around CHF 11.6 billion
Operating income before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) around CHF 4.2 billion
Capital expenditure in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets less than CHF 2.4 billion

Ecological goals

Energy efficiency in Switzerland +35% to end 2020 (compared with 2016)
CO² emissions in Switzerland 2:1 (savings twice as great as own emissions) by end-2020

Other goals

Ultra-broadband in Switzerland 90% covered by end-2021 with more than 80 Mbps
Ultra-broadband in Italy 13 million households covered by end-2021 with FTTS and FTTH

Careers in Strategy

We are looking for Strategy Managers to join us in shaping the future.