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Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers Division

Whether voice or data, mobile or fixed network, individual products or integrated solutions, as a leading provider in the field of business communications, the Enterprise Customers segment supports customers with the planning, implementation and operation of their IT and communications infrastructure, including the provision of cost-efficient solutions and reliable services. Enterprise Customers ranks as one of the leading providers specialising in the integration and operation of complex IT systems. In addition, its core competencies are in the fields of IT outsourcing services, workplace services, SAP services and services for the financial industry.


Comprehensive service solutions

Our offering for enterprise customers includes comprehensive services like cloud, outsourcing and workplace solutions, mobility solutions such as Natel go, network solutions, business process optimisation, SAP solutions and extensive services tailored to the financial industry.


Our success stories

Our high-quality products set us apart from the crowd. Our mobile network offers very good coverage and top speeds with 4G+. Our cloud-based services satisfy the highest security and reliability requirements. All our products meet our high sustainability standards.


Service excellence

Our service desk takes 1.2 million calls annually and we complete more than 300,000 service visits. Enterprise customers enjoy the benefit of excellently qualified personal advisors. We also offer workshops and think tanks on current trends, e.g. the Internet of Things, big data and consumerisation.


Swisscom Enterprise Customers Organisational Chart

Key figures

Solid business performance

Reporting is divided into three operating divisions: Swisscom Switzerland, Fastweb and other operating segments, and Group Headquarters. Here are some key figures for 2016 for Swisscom Switzerland and the Enterprise Customers segment.

Key figures Swisscom Switzerland Enterprise Customers in CHF million or as indicated
Net revenue 2,611
Segment earnings before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) 839
No. of full-time equivalent employees 5,335

Revenue after services in CHF million
Revenue mobile telephony individual agreements 518
Revenue fixed network telephony individual agreements 539
Revenue package agreements 7

Legal information

All figures are as at 31 December 2016
Subject to corrections and changes
The printed version of the 2016 Annual Report is authoritative

For financial reporting purposes, the business divisions of Swisscom are allocated to individual segments, which during the year under review were based on the management structure employed up until the end of 2015. For practical reasons, the segment reporting for 2016 has not been changed versus the previous year. The 2016 financial reporting is thus structured according to the areas Swisscom Switzerland, Fastweb and Other Operating Segments. Swisscom Switzerland covers the segments Residential Customers, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Enterprise Customers, Wholesale and IT, Network & Innovation. Other Operating Segments mainly comprises Participations, Health and Connected Living. Group Headquarters, which primarily includes the Group divisions as well as the employment company Worklink, continues to be reported separately.