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IT, Network & Infrastructure

The IT, Network & Infrastructure division

The IT, Network & Infrastructure division is responsible for our network and IT infrastructure, which we also provide to third parties over Wholesale. Broadband requirements double in the fixed network sector every 16 months and in the mobile sector every year. This is why we invest more than CHF 1.5 billion annually in expanding our infrastructure. We are by far the largest provider of fixed and mobile networks in Switzerland.

Fixed network

One of the best in the world

Switzerland already enjoys one of the best information and telecommunication infrastructures in the world. According to OECD surveys (OECD Broadband Portal, December 2013) Switzerland has the world's highest broadband penetration with 44.9%, ahead of the Netherlands and Denmark. This result is further endorsed by technology service provider Akamai's 'State of the Internet report', which accords Switzerland the European title in ultra-broadband availability and third place in a global comparison.

Mobile telephony

One of Switzerland’s best network

The Swisscom mobile network has been repeatedly acknowledged in trade magazine connect's network test. In 2012 Swisscom was Switzerland's first mobile network operator to introduce commercial 4G/LTE. Today the company provides 98% of the Swiss population with 4G/LTE. In areas with particularly high traffic volumes along roads and in very busy places 4G/LTE microcells supply the necessary network capacity. Swisscom is increasingly opting for dedicated antenna systems in large commercial buildings and public indoor areas.

Information technology

24 data centres in Switzerland

Swisscom operates 24 data centres in Switzerland. These centres currently keep around 20 petabytes of data online – although this figure can be more than doubled when you take into account the necessary data backups. In the Storage Area Network (SAN) more than 25,000 ports and/or active operating system instances are available for around 15,000 servers. In Bern, we opened Switzerland's most modern data centre in 2014.


Top priority

Data ranks among the most valuable production factors in the information society. Swisscom is therefore committed to transmitting and storing information as securely and reliably as possible. Around 150 employees ensure information security, data protection and secure operation of networks and the Internet.


Swisscom IT, Network & Infrastructure Organisational Chart

Key figures

High network investment

Reporting is divided into three operating divisions: Swisscom Switzerland, Fastweb and Other operating segments, and Group Headquarters. Here are some key figures for 2015 for Swisscom Switzerland and the Wholesale and IT, Network & Innovation segments. As the expense on maintenance and further expansion of the infrastructure is not charged to the other segments, the IT, Network & Innovation segment primarily shows expense.

Key figures for Swisscom Switzerland IT, Network & Innovation in CHF million or as indicated
Revenue IT, Network & Innovation 130
Revenue Wholesale 956
Segment result before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) Wholesale 198
Segment result before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) Network & IT (1,347)
Headcount in FTEs 5,350

Legal information

All figures are as at 31 December 2015
Subject to corrections and changes
The printed version of the 2015 Annual Report is authoritative

For financial reporting purposes, the business divisions of Swisscom are allocated to individual segments based on the management structure. The 2015 financial reporting is broken down into the segments Swisscom Switzerland, Fastweb and Other Operating Segments. Swisscom Switzerland covers the segments Residential Customers, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Enterprise Customers, Wholesale and IT, Network & Innovation. Other Operating Segments mainly comprises Participations and Health. Group Headquarters, which primarily includes the Group divisions as well as the employment company Worklink, continues to be reported separately.