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Other divisions

Other divisions of Swisscom

The other divisions supplement our core business in specific segments or support it in related areas of business. Companies and participations in new sectors serve to tap new growth markets. Swisscom focuses on partnerships that help secure enterprise value in the long term. Interests in foreign companies must be able to support the core business in Switzerland.

Fastweb headquarters in Milan


Expansion of fibre-optic network in Italy

The Italian Fastweb leads the field in the development of multimedia and broadband communication services: our subsidiary in Italy operates the second-largest network and sets new standards with voice, data, Internet and IPTV services, and video on demand for residential and enterprise customers. Fastweb is the second most important division of Swisscom after Swisscom Switzerland.

Fastweb 2019 in CHF million
Residential Customers 1,228
Enterprise Customers 958
Wholesale 274
Net revenue 2,468
Full-time employees 2’456

Other divisions

Useful addition to the core business

With participations and subsidiaries in the areas of payment solutions, network construction and maintenance, radio transmitters, entertainment, energy management and healthcare and event solutions, Swisscom complements its core business in related areas. The new Digital Business division is focused on growth areas in the areas of Internet services and digital business models. It also includes the online directories and phone book business.

Image shows Swisscom’s shareholdings: curabill, Datasport, Evita, Sicap, Alphapay, Billag and Cablex.

Extract of the brand portfolio