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Group companies

Group companies

Group companies

The group companies support our core activities in special  segments or related business sectors. Companies and affiliated enterprises in new areas help to tap growth markets.

Fastweb headquarters in Milan


Expansion of fibre-optic network in Italy

The Italian Fastweb leads the field in the development of multimedia and broadband communication services: our subsidiary in Italy operates the second-largest network and sets new standards with voice, data, Internet and IPTV services, and video on demand for residential and enterprise customers.


Sensible support

Swisscom complements its core business in related areas with holdings and subsidiaries in the sector of payment solutions, network and maintenance development, radio transmitter sites, entertainment, energy management, healthcare and event solutions.

Image shows Swisscom’s shareholdings: curabill, Datasport, Evita, Sicap, Alphapay, Billag and Cablex.