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Climate protection

Climate protection

Using resources efficiently

As Switzerland's tenth largest power consumer, we are conscious of our special responsibility. This is why we do our utmost to make more efficient use of our resources through innovation, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the same chances and opportunities as we do today.

ICT & Climate Protection

Opportunities and risks of digitisation for a sustainable lifestyle

Digitisation is a global mega-trend that affects all areas of life and industries. What impact does fast-paced technological development have on people and the environment? WWF and Swisscom jointly posed this question in an external independent survey. Though it reveals the risks, it mainly focuses on the opportunities: deploying ICT can help make lifestyles more sustainable, energy-efficient and convenient.

100% renewable energy

Solar, wind and water power

We draw our electricity (2016: 448 GWh) exclusively from renewable domestic energy sources. As one of Switzerland’s biggest consumers of wind and solar power, we purchased a total of 25 GWh of naturemade star-certified eco-electricity from Switzerland in 2016. Naturemade star is regarded as Switzerland's strictest eco-electricity label. We also generate up to 1,3 GWh annually with our own solar plants and thus cover the electricity needs of all Swisscom standard workplaces.

Eco-electricity purchasing 2016


Intelligent energy-saving

We are committed to ensuring that the devices we sell use as little energy as possible in their manufacture and operation, particularly in stand-by mode. Our new TV-Box, for instance, uses 40% less energy than its predecessor. With our new tiko solution, we also help customers optimise their heating consumption. At the same time, tiko enables electric power stations to stabilise the electricity grid when fluctuations in wind and solar power generation occur due to weather conditions.

Energy-efficient operation

Advanced ecological standards

We are using the latest ecological standards at business premises and data centres. Our business parks in Sion and Ittigen, for instance, are Minergie-P-Eco® certified. And at our data centres we implement state-of-the-art cooling technologies which have helped us achieve an efficiency level at our newest centre in Wankdorf, Berne, that is 60% higher that the international average. The business park in Ittigen near Berne and the data centre in Wankdorf both received the Watt D’Or award in the “Buildings and Space” category.


Solar Impulse

Around the world with solar power

We believe in the future of renewable energy. This is why we supported the Solar Impulse project as official partner. In the Solar Impulse 2 Bertrand Picard and André Borschberg flew around the world in a plane that, for the first time ever, is driven entirely by solar power. On board: our communication solution.

Environmental protection in action

Paper, water, waste: We are committed in our daily business to saving resources and constantly reducing consumption.

Managed Mobility

We offer smart mobility solutions: easy, environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient.

Energy-saving tips

Use our energy-saving tips for TV-Boxes and Internet routers to minimise power consumption.

  • Where do we stand today?

    CO2 savings

    We aim to double the amount of our customers’ CO2 savings with sustainable ICT services in relation to our own emissions. We reached halfway on this goal in 2016.

    In 2016


    Goal for 2020


  • Where do we stand today?

    Energy efficiency

    Between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2020, our aim is to become 35% more energy efficient. By the end of 2016, we had improved by 8.9%.

    In 2016

    + 8.9%

    Goal for 2020

    + 35%