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Goals and Results

CR goals and results

Our corporate responsibility approach pursues six objectives that we aim to achieve by 2020. You can see here how things stand currently and what we are working on.


Energy efficiency and climate protection

By 2020, Swisscom aims to improve energy efficiency by a further 35% compared to 1 January 2016. This is consistent with the Swiss Confederation's 2050 energy strategy. Also by 2020, Swisscom and its customers aim to save double the amount of carbon dioxide generated by its entire operations and supply chain. At the same time, Swisscom is promoting the use and generation of renewable energies.


Media skills and security

We aim to help one million people use media safely and responsibly by 2020. We offer all Swiss schools free Internet access and hold media courses with educational material showing how to use digital media responsibly. We advocate youth media protection based on technical solutions and educational programmes to promote media expertise. 


Living and working

We support a sustainable way of living and working. By 2020, we aim to give one million people access to mobile working. We also aim to acquire one million customers for our healthcare services. 


Responsible employer

Swisscom is one of Switzerland’s favourite employers. Our responsibility extends far beyond the day-to-day work of our employees. That's why we offer flexible working models that support the alignment of professional and personal requirements while promoting employee health and employability. This is particularly true for the next generation. We are very proud of our 1000 apprentices.

Popularity as an employer

As of 2018

Rated 2nd by professionals
Rated 4th by students

Goal for 2020

Rated 2nd by students & professionals

Rankings determined based on the Universum ranking by students and professionals


Fair supply chain

We aim to improve the working conditions of more than two million people through a fair supply chain by 2020. We have forged international partnerships to ensure implementation of suitable measures in close cooperation with suppliers. We conduct annual checks on our suppliers' improvements in working conditions. 


Networked Switzerland

By 2020, we aim to provide 85% of all homes and businesses with ultra-fast broadband (at least 100 Mbit/s). And 99% of the population with mobile ultra-fast broadband. In doing so, we are making an indirect contribution to GDP of around CHF 30 billion and helping to create and sustain around 100,000 jobs. 

Society and culture

Swisscom supports the community at both a local and national level. Working independently and in long-term partnerships, it supports activities that make a difference in the community and contribute towards social cohesion. Swisscom's social commitment centres around three main areas: public affairs, corporate responsibility projects and sponsorship of public events. Swisscom is committed to long-term sponsorship, primarily in the area of sport and culture aimed at a broad audience. Swisscom is therefore involved in sponsoring activities throughout all regions of Switzerland that appeal to diverse interest groups. 

Football and winter sports

Winter sports and football are the main focus areas for our sports sponsorship. Swisscom is the main sponsor of Swiss-Ski. More than 20 percent of our funding goes to developing new talent. Thanks to Swisscom and Teleclub, more live football is broadcast today on Swiss television than ever before. 


Swisscom thrives on dialogue with its customers, employees, suppliers and other partners. This dialogue enables a continuous, open innovation process that places the focus on the customers and their needs. We support Switzerland as a centre of research and are proud to play an active role in shaping the future of Switzerland.


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