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Wankdorf Data Centre

  • Wankdorf Data Centre

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Our new data centre in Berne sets new standards in efficiency, security, availability and energy efficiency. We spent three years and invested around CHF 60 million to build Switzerland's best data centre. And these are the highlights:


Capacity for over 5,000 servers

Thanks to an innovative placement concept Wankdorf Data Centre can accommodate over 5,000 servers. Around 10,000 systems run over these servers. Swisscom TV 2.0 with 7-Day Replay function for over 250 channels, for instance. Yet also applications on which we depend every day like the eBanking facility for a host of banks.


Maximum security

From choice of site, special design and physical protection measures to a sophisticated security concept the new data centre affords the highest level of security. Access is rigorously controlled by a biometric access control system and monitored by a permanently manned porter's lodge.

Energy efficiency

Unique in this part of the world

Energy efficiency achieves peak ratings with a PUE score of 1.2. This means that 84% of consumed energy is actually used for computing and only 16% is accounted for by other electrical consumers and waste heat. In comparison: the average rating for data centres in Europe is 1.95 (efficiency level: 51 percent). Swisscom sources all the power for the new data centre from domestic renewable energy.


Uninterrupted operation thanks to redundancy

All relevant systems are designed redundantly. Power, data network, emergency power supply and link to the data centre in Zollikofen. The external Operation Control Centre monitors the infrastructure and systems around the clock. In emergencies an innovative, battery-free flywheel-driven no-break system ensures uninterrupted operation until the high-power generators spring to life within seconds.

Operations Control Center in Ittigen

Cooling system

Waste heat used for heating

Waste heat is fed into the Berne district heating network and heats homes in the vicinity. On hot days the newly developed cooling system cools the building using recirculated air, completely dispensing with cooling compressors and refrigerant. On hot summer days, cooling is enhanced by water evaporation. Rainwater is being used for the first time.


World's highest quality accolade

The new Wankdorf Data Centre is Switzerland's first data centre to receive Tier IV certification from the Uptime Institute. It thus complies with the highest standards in availability, security and efficiency. Furthermore, we also have the SGS check and certify all operations. All our processes comply with ISO standards 9001, 14001, 14064, 15504 and 27001.


ICT Infrastructure Services

We offer enterprise customers all they need to outsource their ICT infrastructure at the Wankdorf Data Centre: hosting, housing and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud computing and managed services.


Swisscom opens one of Europe's most advanced and efficient data centres in Berne-Wankdorf

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