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Corporate Responsibility Governance

Corporate Responsibility Governance

Swisscom ensures that its corporate strategy, which is committed to sustainability, is consistently implemented by means of organisational measures, an extensive body of management approaches, transparent reporting and independent audits.

Management approaches

Established management systems, corporate guidelines and instructions ensure that corporate responsibility requirements are taken into account in operations and projects.

Code of Conduct

Take responsibility, follow the rules, show integrity, report breaches: four principles govern the conduct of all employees.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

ISO standards

The management systems comply with international ISO standards; compliance is regularly certified through external audits.

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Digital Manifesto

Swisscom aims to push ahead with digital transformation in Switzerland and secure a pole position for Switzerland worldwide.

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Compliance Management

Swisscom has an effective all-encompassing corporate compliance management system, which ensures adherence to laws.

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Fair advertising

In marketing, Swisscom adheres to its own guiding principles and those of the Swiss Commission for Fairness.

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Human rights

Swisscom regards the protection of human rights as an integral part of its corporate culture and complies with international standards.

Human rights guideline (PDF)

Environmental policy

Environmentally friendly conduct is a corporate guideline and is set out in the environmental management system along with the relevant instructions and rules.

Environmental policy at Swisscom (PDF)


Our approach to copyright is set out in the collective employment agreement and relevant instructions (such as the approach to Open Source Software FOSS).

Purchasing policy

Our criteria and requirements for our suppliers and our conduct as one of Switzerland’s major purchasers.

Swisscom Procurement Policy (PDF)

Protection of minors in the media

Swisscom was the first signatory of the Industry Initiative for Improved Youth Media Protection, which seeks to protect young people in their use of media.

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Transparent reporting

Swisscom implements the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative in the sustainability report. It is designed on the basis of the comprehensive option of GRI Version 4 and also takes into account SDG Compass recommendations. Internal disclosure, review and audit committees validate the annual and sustainability reports. External auditors verify the annual report and SGS the sustainability report.

CSR Ratings

Swisscom figures in various CSR ratings, which assess companies in a standardised manner according to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria and makes them transparent for investors.