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Networked Switzerland

Networked Switzerland

A very good network and secure cloud

A reliable high-performance communication infrastructure is the basis for today's increasingly digital business world. We do our daily best to ensure Switzerland's competitiveness with a very good network, a secure cloud and All IP.

Our network

One of the best in the world

The Swisscom network is one of the best ICT infrastructures in the world: as confirmed by OECD, various trade magazines and network provider Akamai surveys. It forms the basis of Switzerland's digital future. With annual investments of more than CHF 1.8 billion, we do our utmost to ensure that in the future, our network will also be one of the best in the world.

Everything over IP

Ready now for tomorrow's world

Internet Protocol (IP) is the most successful technology for data transmission worldwide. In addition to data, it can also be used for images, films, music and voice transmission. Once all services run over the same network thanks to All IP, the way in which we communicate and work together will change permanently.


The secure cloud for Switzerland

Storing data and applications in large data centres has many advantages: it is more secure, less expensive, more powerful and more eco-friendly than the common practice to date. With our modern data centres we not only offer all Swiss enterprises and residential customers secure storage in our cloud, but also comprehensive services that ease our daily life in the digital age.

Data security

Data deserves the best protection

Information is one of the most valuable assets of our age. We are committed to transmitting and storing information as securely and reliably as possible. We deploy over 150 employees daily to ensure information security, data privacy and secure operation in our networks. Many customers from sensitive sectors such as banking, health or security trust in our services. We are Switzerland’s only telecommunication provider to hold ISO 27001 security certification.


Using resources efficiently

As one of Switzerland's largest power consumers we have a special responsibility. That is why we continuously increase our energy efficiency and exploit potentials to reduce our carbon footprint. We cover our entire electricity requirements with renewable energies from domestic sources.

EPFL Study

Switzerland’s digital future

Is Switzerland ready for the digital future? Which requirements must the infrastructure satisfy? How is data handling regulated? What does the government have to do to ensure that Switzerland benefits from digitisation? Based on the 2014 GDI study "The future of a networked society" at the behest of Swisscom and SIX, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) compared the status quo with other countries in its new study and formulated recommendations for action to create favourable framework conditions.

  • Where do we stand today?

    Fixed ultra-broadband coverage

    We aim to increase fixed ultra-broadband coverage (download speeds of over 100 Mbit/s) for homes and offices in Switzerland from 16% in 2013 to 85% by 2020.

    In 2016


    Goal 2020


  • Where do we stand today?

    Mobile ultra-broadband coverage

    We aim to increase mobile ultra-broadband coverage (up to 150 Mbit/s download) for the Swiss population from 3% in 2012 to 99% by 2020.

    In 2016


    Goal for 2020



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