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Data deserves the best protection

Information is one of the most valuable assets of our age. We are committed to transmitting and storing information as securely and reliably as possible. We deploy over 150 employees daily to ensure information security, data privacy and secure operation in our networks. Many customers from sensitive sectors such as banking, health or security trust in our services. We are Switzerland’s first telecommunication provider to hold ISO 27001 security certification.


Data protection

How we protect your privacy.

When you use our products and services, we accrue data which we process for a wide range of purposes. Our short film provides you with an overview of the personal data we collect, for what purpose we use it and how we ensure that your privacy is protected.

Video: video total length 2:12 min.

IT Security Book

Concepts for Future IT Security

In the wake of increasing digitisation new dangers arise, especially as attackers can wreak havoc from far away. At the same time research and application of new security concepts have made huge progress. We have summarised current state-of-the-art knowledge, show how we proceed and which concepts and measures can be implemented in every enterprise.

Smart data

Policies governing smart data

The term "smart data" (or "big data") refers to enormous volumes of electronic data from a variety of sources. Using high-performance computers and intelligent software it is possible to identify patterns hidden within the flood of data. Smart data applications thus have the potential to move services and products into new dimensions, but at the same time they raise questions concerning data protection. Swisscom has formulated a set of policies which specify how our company is to apply smart data technology.

Residential customers

Surf and make calls securely

We fend off over 2.5 million spam mails daily. We identify over 5,000 computers every week that are infected by malware, and every month we block more than 300 phishing attacks. As well as providing secure e-mail and Internet, we also do our utmost to protect our customers’ data when they use the phone. All calls over the mobile network, for instance, are encrypted.

Corporate customers

Basis of trust

Our commitment to security is the basis of our corporate customers’ trust in us. Banks, insurance companies, hospitals and also public services like the police and fire service depend on the greatest possible reliability and secure operation of their communication infrastructure. Many companies in these sensitive sectors trust in our know-how. And we also offer secure cloud-based solutions for SMEs.

Bug Bounty

closes security gaps

Our Bug Bounty programme supports the reporting and quick elimination of security gaps (bugs) in our products and services. We invite private individuals and organisations to report weak points to us.