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Diversity: Embracing and fostering diversity

Swisscom firmly advocates the diversity of its employees: the different viewpoints, experiences, ideas and skills of every individual make Swisscom a successful, innovative and creative company. How we work together is vital to us: we focus on people and their relationships. We serve our customers in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

3,225 part-time jobs; 44% men; 56% women

Work and family

Work-life balance

Swisscom offers its employees many flexible working models. From part-time work and job sharing to flexible working hours at home and purchasing time off, employees can better reconcile their personal needs with job demands. This acts as a motivator for everyone to unlock and fulfil their personal potential. In certain circumstances parents' childcare needs are financially supported. The "Work & Care" model is specifically for employees who look after family members.  


A young mindset and an experienced hand

People of all ages work together at Swisscom, from first jobbers to colleagues about to retire. Cooperation and exchanging ideas across generations enables Swisscom to develop products and services that meet their customers' needs. Employees of all ages take part in basic and further training. A part-time retirement model was developed specifically for older employees to gradually reduce work before retirement.


Promoting integration

Swisscom fosters a performance and development culture that focuses on personal strengths. At least one percent of jobs is reserved for employees with physical or mental performance impairments who contribute to the success of Swisscom, thus promoting integration in the labour market.

Background and language

Respecting and fostering diversity

Employees from around 93 nations work together on Swisscom's success. They do so at several sites in all areas of Switzerland, communicating with each other and Swisscom customers in the national languages of Switzerland, German, French or Italian.


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All figures valid as of December 2019