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Environment and climate protection

Ready for the environment

We are ready to make our contribution to environmental protection. We are already climate-positive and save more CO2 than we emit. Now we want to consolidate this advantage.

Goal 2025

500,000 t

CO2 reduction together with our customers

This is equivalent to 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by Switzerland.

Our contribution

Power consumption

100% from renewable sources

We mainly use hydro, wind or solar energy which we produce ourselves or purchase. We use certificates to offset the small proportion of power we take from other sources.

Energy efficiency

Efficient data centres, intelligent buildings

We cool with circulating air and rely on smart controls for our Minergie office buildings.



increase in energy efficiency

since 1 January 2016.


recycling rate

Percentage of all waste that is recycled.

Swisscom Buyback

Sell your old smartphone

Carbon offset smartphones

Offset your smartphone’s CO2 emissions now


Repairing is kinder to the environment than throwing away

In our Repair Centers we repair defective smartphones in just a few hours.

Smart Cities

Swisscom bees and the Smart City

Swisscom beekeepers raise honey bees across Switzerland. They do so to protect biodiversity and inspire innovation.

Swisscom TV

40% less energy thanks to the cloud

With just a few tricks you can save even more power with our TV-Box.

Work Smart

Flexible working pays

Working from home, virtual conferencing and new solutions reduce traffic and CO2.



Mobile phone return rate

Devices returned compared to the number of devices sold

Mobile Aid

Put your old mobile phones to good use

We turn old mobile phones into cash to support SOS Children's Villages.

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for people

We are ready to make our contribution to a changing society. We already enable over 1.6 million people to capitalise on the opportunities of the networked world.

Ready for

We are ready to strengthen Switzerland's competitiveness and quality of life. With reliable highspeed Internet for all Swiss households and businesses.