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Work and life

Work and life

Balancing work and personal life

People who can work flexibly are not only more satisfied and productive, they also avoid rush hours and thus play their part in taking pressure of the transport infrastructure and saving resources.


Huge potential for better results

Flexible working increases productivity, in terms of both quantity and quality of work. Flexibility makes it possible to seek out the best place to complete a task. For example, work that needs a high level of concentration can be done somewhere quiet. Journeys and waiting times can also be used for working.


Huge potential for personal well-being

Flexible working increases work satisfaction and improves personal well-being through a better work-life balance. It gives parents greater freedom to coordinate household duties and childcare. And those without a family can also benefit. Not only is it easier for them to arrange doctor’s appointments and visits from tradesmen, but they can also enjoy leisure activities such as sport while the weather is good if they can then spend a few hours working in the evening.

Transport and environmental benefits

Huge potential from off-peak commuting

For the “WorkAnywhere” study, SBB and Swisscom employees completed some of their work at home and on the move. This not only increased their satisfaction and productivity levels, but the flexibility to organise their working day enabled them to move 66% of their journeys to off-peak hours or not to travel at all, since they could work from home. As a result, their commute was more relaxed, pressure was taken off the transport infrastructure and CO2 emissions were reduced.

Electrosmog and health

Research to date and tips

Mobile phones, cordless phones and WLAN routers use high-frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit information wirelessly. To date no detrimental impact of this radiation has been scientifically proven. However long-term risks cannot be excluded and are the subject of ongoing scientific research.


Personal initiative and good tools

Flexible working clearly requires the right tools: a smartphone and laptop with mobile Internet access, access to company data and IT systems, and software for communication, sharing and organisation. However, it is almost more important to have a corporate culture that is characterised by personal initiative, trust and dialogue. And, of course, the support of bosses and colleagues.


With digital health for a healthy Switzerland

Our cloud-based services help to simplify personal health management and to promote a responsible approach to individual health. Our software and networking solutions save valuable time and expense for doctors, hospitals and insurance providers. Patients can see their data and benefit from more efficient collaboration between service providers.

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