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Electrosmog and health

Mobile phones, cordless phones and WLAN routers use high-frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit information wirelessly. To date no detrimental impact of this radiation has been scientifically proven. However long-term risks cannot be excluded and are the subject of ongoing scientific research. We are thus committed to researching the risks entailed by radiation and their precautionary avoidance.


Our challenge

Researching and avoiding risks

As co-founder and sponsor of ETH Zurich's independent Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication we promote research into technical, biological, health and social issues related to the electromagnetic fields from radio and electric power technologies. We maintain a constant dialogue with all stakeholder groups and implement innovations to promote the minimisation of emissions. Watch the video of Dr. Hugo Lehmann, Head of Environment & Test Lab, in a field trial.


Electromagnetic fields EMF

On the one hand, high-frequency electromagnetic waves have a thermal impact: they heat up our body. However the field strengths generated by mobile telephony are so negligible that they can barely raise our skin temperature. Aside from investigating long-term risks, research is also focused on the non-thermal impact and its biological effects. 

Mobile telephony

Low-radiation calls on the move

Our mobile network must comply with threshold values for non-ionising radiation ten times higher than those common in Europe. It may sound paradoxical but radiation pollution is generally lower close to transmitter masts than it is much further away. Incidentally, mobile phones only emit waves during calls. The SAR value that we publish with mobile phones sold in our shops and online indicates the maximum emission level of a device. Anyone wishing to take more precautions can do so effectively by taking some simple steps.

Mobile communication masts

Much used, much disliked

The opposition to new masts has gathered momentum: it is not unusual for two years to pass before a new mast can go into service. When planning new masts, we make sure that we address needs exactly. If possible, we extend existing plants and cooperate with other network operators at new sites. And we also aim for optimum integration into the environment. We seek a dialogue with communities and cantons to find the widest possible consensus for solutions.

Cordless phones, WLAN

Low radiation calls at home

We launched the first low-radiation cordless phones back in 2006. Then in 2008, as the first telecom provider worldwide to do so, we introduced our extremely low-radiation Ecomode Plus devices, reducing emissions by up to 80%. We also attach importance to the lowest possible emissions on our WLAN routers and TV boxes. Thanks to convenient online configured switch-on times, devices can be switched off completely when they are not in use – at night for instance.

SAR values

We publish the maximum radiation values of all the smartphones we sell in the product features section in our Online Shop.

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Save energy and reduce radiation at the same time: find out how in our energy-saving tips for our WLAN routers.

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Ten times lower radiation thresholds than the norm in Europe and still best in test: find out more about our mobile network,

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We promote research into the impact of electromagnetic fields from radio and electric power technologies.

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Do you have any questions? Jürg Studerus, who has responsibility for radiation and health in the Corporate Responsibility team, looks forward to hearing from you.

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