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Our symbol for sustainability

Together we can increase sustainability. This symbol marks products and services that support you in pursuing a sustainable way of life. Reduce your electricity consumption, work flexibly, use digital media securely and efficiently in the family. Next time you buy something, look out for our symbol and find out why your new TV-Box is in harmony with our sustainability goals.

Swisscom TV 2.0

40% less energy consumption

Swisscom TV 2.0 saves recordings directly in the cloud, so the new Box uses 40% less energy than before because it comes without a hard disk The TV-Box has no fan, reducing the power it uses. Swisscom TV 2.0 includes parental control functions, allowing a responsible approach to TV viewing.


Integrated parental control function

The Internet-Box allows you to change your settings to save energy and protect your children from excessive media consumption. You define when your children’s devices can be connected to the Internet via a time switch. The guest WLAN means guests can easily surf the web without accessing your data or password.

Business customer solutions

Save energy, on travel, paper as well as time

We provide a comprehensive ICT portfolio with products that contribute towards increasing the sustainability of every company. The portfolio includes solutions in the area of energy and with the aim of reducing business travel. As an employer, this provides you with the opportunity to not only increase the efficiency of your employees, but also improve their life balance and thus their motivation.

More services

Online billing

Online billing uses two-thirds less energy than traditional paper bills. Heaps of paper are transformed into a few bits and bytes. And paying is much easier and more convenient.

WWF how-to-help app

Do you know the size of your ecological footprint? How many planets does your lifestyle use up? The WWF how-to-help app, a CO2 footprint calculator, works it out for in a few seconds.

Mobile phone recycling

The most resources are used in the manufacture of a device. We therefore offer to our customers to trade in their old mobile phone when they buy a new one or to donate your old phone to a good cause.

Intelligent energy-saving

With tiko, you can optimise the heating consumption of your heat pump, night storage or direct heating simply and permanently.

Sustainability Blog

Current posts on ecological and social issues in our blog.


We send you sustainability updates per e-mail six times a year. The newsletter is published in German and French.