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Media expertise

  • Mobile off, thoughtfulness on.


    Don't miss the loveliest moments because you're too busy networking online: switch off and give someone you care about your undivided attention.

Media expertise

Promoting responsible media consumption

As a driver of digitisation we regard it our socio-political duty to make the most of its opportunities while minimising risks. A trustworthy companion in the digital world, we advocate responsible safe use of new technologies.

"Undivided attention, without device distraction."

No matter how tempting the digital world can be, it does us good now and again to sign off and devote our undivided attention to the people we care about. Media literacy is about adopting a responsible attitude to the use of digital media. And that includes taking time off. Enjoy!

Michael In Albon
Officer for the protection of young people from harmful media & Media literacy expert


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Helps you take offtime regularly

We spend a lot of time with our smartphones. But 'always-on' isn't healthy in the long term. Lots of people switch off their mobiles deliberately to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. With the (OFFTIME) app we can analyse our smartphone habits, think about our digital consumption and make a concerted effort to take time out. The free app helps us to create our own free space and take a more considered approach to networking.

Offers for schools

Courses, materials, Internet & services

"Internet for Schools" provides schools with free Internet, many services, media courses and teaching aids.

Industry initiative

Joining forces for youth media protection

Under the aegis of the Swiss Association of Telecommunications (asut) youth media protection initiative we and our competitors commit to raising awareness among young media users and their parents. Issues include countering illegal content, uncontrolled media consumption, age screening, device protection, cost traps, usage control etc. We take an altruistic approach in promoting content that is meaningful and serves society as a whole.


Protecting your privacy

Your communication with family and friends is private - and it should stay that way. Your privacy is therefore our first priority. We deploy over 150 employees daily to ensure information security, data privacy and secure operation in our networks. We are Switzerland’s only telecommunication provider to hold ISO 27001 security certification. This means that you and your data are secure, also in data-sensitive sectors like health or banking. In fact, many customers in these sectors rely on our services when it comes to security.

JAMES studies

How young
people use media


Digital community for parents

Internet access for schools

We offer all Swiss schools free Internet access.


Swisscom Academy provides practical tips on smartphones, tablets and Digital TV.


Our 'enter' brochure explores the opportunities and risks of digital media.

Media expertise partners

Where do we stand today?

Promotion of media skills

We aim to increase the number of customers taking advantage of our media skills courses from 253,000 in 2013 to 1 million by 2020.

In 2016



Goal for 2020

1 million



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