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Fair supply chain

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Fair and efficient partnership

Our partners supply us with goods and services worth over CHF 4 billion annually. We attach importance to fair and efficient partnerships with suppliers, who share our social and ecological goals and values. We work together to protect the environment and improve working conditions.

Working conditions audit

As of 2017



Goal for 2020

2 mio


KPI: number of people employed by the suppliers inspected as part of the JAC initiative.

Fair supply chain

Goals and results

We aim to improve the working conditions of more than two million people through a fair supply chain by 2020. We have forged international partnerships to ensure implementation of suitable measures in close cooperation with suppliers. We conduct annual checks on our suppliers' improvements in working conditions.

Purchasing policy

Principles of healthy competition

Our purchasing policy sets out binding rules for us and our conduct as one of Switzerland's largest purchasers. However, also for our suppliers, of whom we demand high standards of economic efficiency, innovation and also in respect of social and ecological issues.

“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.”

Molière (1622–1673)

Carbon Disclosure Project

Environmental data on key suppliers

Our partnership with the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project provides us with access to the emission data of our key suppliers worldwide. The CDP uses standardised methods to gather data on CO2 emissions, environmental risks and reduction goals and strategies. The CDP database is now the largest of its kind worldwide. We use the data collected in conjunction with the CDP as the basis for achieving our climate protection goals.

Recycling economy

Repair, Recycling & Recommerce

In 2017, we repaired more than 200,000 faulty smartphones in our Repair Centers. Our customers have donated more than 72,000 mobile phones as part of our Mobile Aid scheme for SOS Children's Villages. Our Mobile Bonus project also offers customers the option of selling used devices at market prices. These second-life programmes extend device life, relieve pressure on the supply chain and make an important contribution to the recycling economy.

Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)

Sustainability over ICT

The world's leading ICT providers advocate long-term transformation through the deployment of new technologies as part of GeSI, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative. Our work in the initiative focuses on a fair and sustainable supply chain, which is particularly dependent on globally based cooperation.

Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC)

Working together for more sustainability

As part of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) network, we have conducted over 360 audits of suppliers in 24 countries since 2010 in conjunction with 15 other telecom providers. These have covered more than 816,000 employees. Elimination of any vulnerabilities identified is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure compliance with environmental and social standards we expect.

"Stop Benzene" petition

United for better working conditions

The solvent benzene is used in the production of smartphones and tablets for cleaning purposes at the end of the manufacturing process. A poisonous substance, its industrial use is banned in Switzerland. With its petition "Stop Benzene", the two charities Bread for All (Brot für Alle) and the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund (Fastenopfer) are raising awareness of the risks of using benzene. As a reseller of smartphones and tablets, we are committed to consistent and lasting international collaboration within the GeSI and JAC frameworks, seeking to improve sustainability and working conditions across the supply chain step by step.

Team and contact

Your contact at Swisscom Purchasing is Andreas Harker.