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Team & Contact

Team & Contact

Porträt Adrian Jungo

Adrian Jungo

Head of Supply Chain Management & CREM

Porträt Marc Dolder

Marc Dolder

Head of Supply Chain Operations

Portrait Ivo Jungo

Ivo Jungo

Head of Purchasing Construction & Facilities

Porträt Stefan Reber

Stefan Reber

Head of Purchasing General & Managed Mobility

Portrait Andreas Winterberger

Andreas Winterberger

Head of Purchasing External Workforce & Business Development

Portrait Phuong Dang

Phuong Dang

Head of Contract Management

Porträt Jöri Engel

Jöri Engel

Head of Corporate Real Estate Management

Porträt Raphael Noth

Raphael Noth

Head of Purchasing Reselling Products

Porträt Hannes Schrittesser

Hannes Schrittesser

Head of Purchasing IT & Network

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Swisscom Ltd
Supply Chain Management & CREM
Alte Tiefenaustrasse 6
3048 Worblaufen

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Postfach, CH-3050 Bern