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Sustainability Strategy

Swisscom takes responsibility – today and tomorrow. Whilst digitisation offers a wealth of opportunities, it is not without its challenges. For example, how do we keep pace with the speed of technological change? How do we cope with the effects of climate change? How do we preserve the competitiveness and attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location? To help us rise to these challenges and play our part, we have developed three fundamental goals as part of our Sustainability Strategy 2025.

More for the people

From now until 2025, we will support 2 million people per year to develop their skills in the networked world and within our supply chain.

More for the environment

Together with our customers, we are reducing CO2 output by 450,000 tons. This corresponds to 1% of Switzerland’s greenhouse gas emissions.

More for Switzerland

We provide all people and businesses in Switzerland with reliable ultra-fast broadband. By doing so we are making Switzerland a more competitive country and a better place to live.

Strategic priorities and goals to 2025

Digitisation is having an ever-greater impact on the economy and society over time. As Switzerland’s leading ICT company, Swisscom bears a special responsibility in this respect. It has to realise opportunities that could improve the country’s standard of living, while keeping a careful eye on potential risks. In other words, it must fulfil its role of bringing about progress with a keen sense of both responsibility and curiosity.

“We feel closely connected to Switzerland and play an active role in shaping our country's future.”

Stefan Nünlist
Head of Group Communications & Responsibility

The UN Agenda for Sustainable Development

Our Sustainability strategy is committed to the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development UNO and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This page details which of these goals are relevant for us and how we are working to achieve these.

Stakeholders and priorities

In the development of our sustainability strategy and definition of strategic priorities, we maintain a constant dialogue with key stakeholders.

Key issues

We used a materiality matrix to rate sustainability issues by importance and relevance for the company and stakeholders.


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