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Team Corporate Responsibility

Portrait Res Witschi

Res Witschi

Head of corporate responsibility Swisscom

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Portrait Stefanie Haag

Stefanie Haag

Reporting & Ratings

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Portrait Andreas Harker

Andreas Harker

Supply chain, risk management and international partnerships (GeSI, JAC, CDP Supply Chain)

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Portrait Michael In Albon

Michael In Albon

Head of “Internet for Schools”, Responsible for Media Protection for Minors and Expert in Media Competence

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Portrait Andreas Kindler

Andreas Kindler

Energy and Environmental Management

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Portrait Giorgio Macaluso

Giorgio Macaluso

Media Courses and Swisscom beekeeper

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Portrait Meret Meier

Meret Meier

Communication, Media Protection for Minors, Digitalization and Social Sustainability

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Porträt Meret Meier

David Rossé

Digital inclusion
and accessibility

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Portrait Pascal Salina

Pascal Salina

Swisscom environmental management, energy efficiency, green power, CO2 topics, reporting & ratings

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Portrait Bigna Salzmann

Bigna Salzmann

Sustainable services for enterprise customers, work smart initiative

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Noëlle Schläfli

Noëlle Schläfli

Media courses

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Portrait Marius Schlegel

Marius Schlegel

Climate-friendly services, Swisscom Mobile Aid, WWF partnership, energy and climate policies

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Portrait Jürg Studerus

Jürg Studerus

Radiation and health

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Martin Zünd

Martin Zünd   

Programme Manager Media Courses, Energy and Climate Pioneers

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