Swisscom's measures

Despite all of the difficulties and restrictions during the corona pandemic, Switzerland continues to function – not least thanks to digitisation, which has already advanced significantly. At Swisscom, we have been doing everything we can for many months now to support our customers during this difficult time.

"COVID-19 brings many uncertainties with it. I am grateful and proud of what the Swisscom employees achieve under such difficult conditions."

CEO Urs Schaeppi

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The coronavirus has given digitisation a real boost in our country. People work in their home offices, play music via video calls and get involved in online games. And even if it's difficult over a longer period of time: contact with friends and family can be maintained via telephone or video conferencing. This is how "closeness" can be experienced in a different way. Despite the global pandemic, the economy and society continue to function – which is also thanks to the powerful infrastructure of Swisscom.

Swisscom's measures

Our greatest concern is the protection of our employees, customers and partners. At the same time, we are doing everything we can to ensure our customers can easily take advantage of the opportunities offered by the networked world. We are monitoring the situation carefully and will implement any other measures necessary to protect our employees, customers and partners.

Measures to protect our employees

Measures for our customers and the Swiss population

Our contribution towards fighting the pandemic

Swisscom's stocktake of corona

Surf speed

More bandwidth or data volume for over 1 million customers


Roaming charges were waived for over 70,000 customers stranded abroad

Course offers

Support with the installation and use of smartphones and apps for over 5000 older people.

Home office

Free home office solutions for hundreds of business customers with several thousand employees


The COVID-19 pandemic shows how important high network performance is for customers. Expectations for the stability and availability of the networks will continue to increase. The pandemic is accelerating digitalisation once again, and its reach into all areas of life is constantly increasing. The overall impact of Covid-19 on the financial results in 2021 has been minor.

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