Blockchain is the key technology for secure online transactions. A reliable infrastructure and trusted partners are integral to its market success. We are contributing to this by supporting companies and public authorities in establishing new DLT-based business models with consulting and solutions.


Swiss Trust Chain

In cooperation with partners such as Swiss Post, Swisscom operates the biggest infrastructure for blockchain applications (Private Permissioned).The decentralised, dedicated cloud network in the data centres of participating companies offers maximum security.

Private DLT Infrastructure

With the Swiss Trust Chain, Swisscom is helping to deliver the definitions and standards required for secure, regulated, interoperable and reliable Swiss distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems.

  • “With the Swiss Trust Chain, our customers benefit from a DLT infrastructure that ensures that their data remains in trusted Swiss data centres.”

    Peter Schnürer, CEO daura

  • “Thanks to the Swiss Trust Chain from Swisscom and Swiss Post, we are able to offer completely automated energy billing that is transparent and keeps data secure at all times.”

    Matthias Egli, Co-CEO & Sales Ormera

  • “eNotes facilitate cross-border corporate financial management – and thanks to the Swiss Trust Chain, it is completely flexible and highly secure.”

    Stephan Meyer, Co-Founder FQX

  • “The blockchain pilot project with Swisscom has given us the opportunity to test future applications for the Schaffhausen e-government solution.”

    Titus Fleck, Stv. Geschäftsführer KSD Schaffhausen

Services and Solutions

Swisscom offers corporate consulting services on blockchain technology and applications as well as the design, development and operation of distributed ledger solutions. With enabling modules, we make it easier for customers to get started with blockchain-based business models.

Node as a Service Solution

A quick and straight­forward means of connecting applications to public blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and XRP through an interface.

Self-Sovereign Identity Solution

For controlling and connecting the identities of individuals, companies, objects or machinery across the value chain and systems.

The advantages of blockchain


Decentralised validation and storage in a blockchain makes tampering impossible.


The seamless, immutable history of all transactions in a blockchain creates transparency.


The direct, decentralised nature of blockchains means that they offer maximum security for transactions.


Since transactions are processed directly without intermediaries, blockchains are highly cost efficient.


Blockchain transactions do not require lengthy validations and take place in near real time.


Our blockchain infrastructure offers optimum energy efficiency and runs entirely on renewable energies.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Together with our partners from business, research and politics, we intend to further harness the potential of blockchain technology for Switzerland.

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