• FY 2021

    Annual Report January – December

3 February 2022 07:15

Successful 2021 - Market performance and strong financial result

+++ Group revenue and income (EBITDA) rise +++
+++ Price pressure in the Swiss core business +++
+++ Business Customers: growth in solutions business +++
+++ Fastweb sees growth in revenue, EBITDA and customer base +++
+++ High investments in the network, expansion challenging +++
+++ Higher net income thanks in part to non-recurring items +++
+++ Proposal of a stable dividend for 2021 +++
+++ Outlook for 2022 robust: EBITDA of around 4.4 bn +++



Facts & figures


Former CEO Urs Schaeppi

2021 was a strong year for Swisscom: we were able to increase our revenue and operating income. In a challenging environment, we delighted our customers with our products, our service and our infrastructure. This is evidenced by the high level of customer satisfaction and the victories in all relevant network and service tests. We are making good progress with the solutions for Business Customers. The situation in the Swiss core business, which is characterised by strong price pressure, remains difficult. Network expansion also remains a challenge, with both optical fibre and 5G stalling as a result of legal uncertainties. The business of our subsidiary Fastweb in Italy is developing encouragingly, once again seeing growth across all segments. With the new climate protection aim of becoming net-zero by 2025, we have set our course for the future. For 2022, we expect a robust business performance, with EBITDA of around CHF 4.4 billion.

‘2021 was a strong year for Swisscom. For 2022, we expect a robust business performance.’