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Our apprenticeships: designed around your interests.

Find your apprenticeship with us. A Swisscom apprenticeship is as individual as you are: our unique training model gives you a lot of freedom throughout your apprenticeship. Our projects last for several months and you can choose what you would like to work on in your chosen field. From the start, you are given responsibility for fascinating tasks and work with colleagues from various business areas. So you learn something new every day and are best equipped for your future.

Apprenticeship positions

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Trial apprenticeships

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Apprenticeship positions

Welcome to your future.

Key info in brief.

Find the apprenticeship position of your dreams at Swisscom – an apprenticeship with Switzerland’s largest ICT company is a major step towards standing on your own two feet. At Swisscom, we have a flexible, mobile approach to work. You’re free to choose the path your apprenticeship takes and the development steps it includes. Your personal coach will help you with any questions that arise during your training.



Your apprenticeship begins with a comprehensive introduction: you will learn the ropes at Swisscom and find out important information about your apprenticeship. Plus, you will meet your personal coach, who will help and advise you throughout your entire apprenticeship. It’s up to you to select the projects you’d like to work on during your time here. All the options available are posted on the online marketplace by Swisscom business areas.



Discuss your project targets, your contributions and next steps with your coach and the project leader at regular intervals. When the project is over, you will assess your performance and engage in a joint discussion to explore whether targets were achieved and mutual expectations were satisfied. You decide which skills you want to focus on perfecting next. This enables you to expand your knowledge and develop your skills step by step.


On the job

Would you like to share your ideas with us and learn new things every day? At Swisscom you can. That’s because you decide what you want to achieve. From day one you work with your colleagues on fascinating business projects and take on responsible duties. Every day brings you a step closer to completing your chosen tasks on your own. In particular, this teaches you to use your initiative and equips you for modern working environments.

The trainings beginning 2021 will be published on 1. August 2020.

Our apprenticeships at Swisscom


Mediamatician, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions available

IT specialist, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions available

IT specialist, Federal VET Diploma in application development

● Apprenticeship positions available

Interactive media designer, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions available

ICT specialist, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions available


Retailing specialist, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions available


Customer dialogue specialist, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions available


Commercial apprentice, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions available

Office assistant

● Apprenticeship positions available

Further apprenticeship positions at cablex

cablex is a Swisscom subsidiary and one of the leading providers of high-performance ICT and network infrastructure solutions. cablex offers apprenticeship positions for electricians (Federal VET Diploma), network electricians (Federal VET Diploma) specialising in telecommunications and assembly electricians (Federal VET Diploma).

Your application

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Get to know us

Find out everything you need to know about Swisscom as an employer and your career opportunities with us at our events.

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Info and taster days.

Get a feel for Swisscom and find out about our apprenticeships and unique training model at our info and taster days. Look forward to an eventful day!

Do you still have questions?

If so, chat to someone who knows what they're talking about, because they were in a similar situation not long ago. Our apprentices will be happy to take your calls from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. You can also contact them via e-mail at any time you like.

Why choose Swisscom?

Find out now how we work together at Swisscom, and how you can develop your career with us. We’ll also show you what benefits you will enjoy as an employee.

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Do you have questions about how to apply? We have summarised the main details in 4 steps.

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