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Swisscom Student Day 2019

Discover more opportunities at the Swisscom Student Day 2019!

Find out what it’s like to work for Swisscom by coming along to the Swisscom Student Day at our offices in Bern.

It’ll be a day full of innovations, new technologies and fun.

We’re opening our doors on 10 April 2019 and warmly invite you to dive into the world of work at Swisscom, where an informative and interactive event awaits you.

We’ll show you how you might launch your career here and help you to find out all about our latest projects. Sign up now and don’t miss out!

Calendar dates

Date:        10 April 2019


Time:              2-7pm


Location:  Swisscom, Genfergasse 14, Bern (2 minutes from Bern railway station)

We’ve put together a varied program of events for the Swisscom Student Day 2019 to give you some insights into our strategy and culture. Swisscom is helping shape Switzerland’s future and will be showcasing the innovations and technologies at the heart of this mission during the Student Day.

Programme Student Day

CV Check
Challenges & Prices
Network Coffee
Start at Swisscom

Pre-Event (optional) 2-3.30pm
"Swisscom Hunt" (fully booked)

Have fun exploring the Swisscom building and get to know Swisscom better on the hunt for tricky challenges to solve as part of a team.

Event 4-7pm (free places available)

There will be a keynote speech, your choice of interactive workshops, a professional photographer on hand to take your application photo, a networking drinks party and much more.


Robotics @ Swisscom (talk)

Swisscom and robots?! We give you an insight into the world of robots. Find out how Swisscom is addressing the subject and trialling these new opportunities with its customers. Get an idea of what Swisscom is doing with robots and how they can be used to add value at Swisscom and other companies.

Develop agile and secure

Our customers are looking for quick time-to-market and added value that they can see straight away. We are in the age of DevOps and agility. Security is a crucial factor at Swisscom. Find out how we combine allowing teams to take responsibility with the issue of security, and how Swisscom uses agility metrics efficiently and effectively.   

Open Innovation –Startup

Show us your entrepreneurial ambitions! Find out at the Startup Workshop how we work with fledgling companies to develop the products and services of tomorrow and then bring them to market. Be inspired by our commitment to open innovation and put forward your own ideas.


Developing, operating and maintaining conventional apps is complex, expensive and slow. With its Application Cloud, Swisscom offers a ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) that counteracts those problems: applications are online in minutes and linked to appropriate services such as databases and many more, without having to worry about hardware or any other traditional IT issues. At this workshop, you’ll find out more about the platform and how it works.



Please bring your own laptop!

Demystified AI (English)

This workshop will show you how to build a simple AI system using some existing tools in less than 30 minutes.

It will guide you through all the necessary steps to build your first neural network model until making predictions using the trained model.

After this workshop, you will understand better how machines can learn and behave like humans.



  • Your laptop with an up-to-date browser like Google Chrome
  • Google Account


Networking with a difference: meet our HR staff and junior colleagues from different areas of Swisscom at the Network Coffee event. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and find out how you might launch your career at Swisscom.

In addition to getting your CV checked out, having your photo taken and gaining some fascinating insights into Swisscom, you can look forward to a unique networking opportunity in a relaxed setting.

Swisscom Student Day 2018


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