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Markus Messerer

Markus Messerer

Head of Corporate Strategy

What is your personal guiding principle?

Some things we can only achieve before we realise they are impossible.

What is your background?

I have an Economics degree, an MBA in Strategic Management and a PhD in International Corporate Management. After a number of years as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture, I moved to A1 Telekom Austria, where I helped shape the corporate strategy and managed strategically relevant projects. I joined Swisscom in 2013, and I have been Head of Corporate Strategy since 2014.

Why are you with Swisscom?

It is a privilege to work for one of the most agile and innovative companies in the TIME (Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media & Entertainment) sector. I enjoy working with so many talented individuals to help ensure that Swisscom remains innovative and in tune with customer needs in the future.

How can you make a difference here?

We have a broad portfolio of activities. My team and I support both the strategy process, including the group strategy, and numerous projects on topics such as growth, efficiency, customer focus and strategic market intelligence. At the same time, the Swisscom corporate culture permits considerable creative freedom. Dialogue with the Group Executive Board, for instance, is incredibly frank and valuable.