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Matthias Schröder

Matthias Schröder

Head of Strategy SME (Small & Medium Enterprises)

What is your personal guiding principle?

Things are never what they seem, they are what you make them.

What is your background?

With my PhD in business, I opted for management consulting as my first role. I originally worked in corporate finance; however, a fibre-optic project in the Middle East soon awakened an interest in the telecommunications sector. I've been in the business now for almost eight years, most recently as a project manager at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Since 2014, I have been a Senior Strategy Manager at Swisscom.

Why are you with Swisscom?

After many years as a consultant it was time for me to ‘change sides’ as it were. As one of the few international telecommunications service providers on a growth curve, Swisscom was my outright first choice. What particularly fascinated me in my first months at Swisscom was the high degree of commitment and the positive attitude of my fellow colleagues. Neither fitted my idea of a 'typical corporation'. Swisscom is also known as an innovation leader and provides the opportunity to play a proactive part in shaping trends. Our outpost in Silicon Valley is a good example of this, as is our TV offering, which is based on a leading international technology.

How can you make a difference here?

Within Residential Strategy, I can contribute to the long-term success of our division. The high quality standards at Swisscom constantly motivate me to do my best as part of the team. Good performance is rewarded – whether through direct access to decision-makers in the division and Group Executive Board or through the evolving ways of shaping content.