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Your application

  • Take note to give yourself the best chances of success.

Your application

There are various ways into Swisscom. To help you ensure that your application is a success, we have summarised all the important information for you.

Do your research


Get to know us


1. Do your research

Visit our website and check out all the opportunities that are available to you at Swisscom. Visit events. Follow us on social media and connect with us. There’s nothing better than talking to an existing Swisscom employee. This might even result in you being approached directly by Swisscom if a suitable role should become available.

Talk to us.

2. Apply

Submit an online application. Ideally, you should send us a PDF folder containing your cover letter, CV and certificates. We will review your folder within fifteen working days max.

Any questions?

3. Get to know us

At Swisscom, the application process is as individual as you are. If your application hits the mark, you will be invited for an initial interview. This will either be a face to face interview, phone interview or a video chat. If we think you will be a good fit, you will be invited for a second, face-to-face interview. If everything goes well, we will meet one more time to allow you to familiarise yourself with your future workplace. After this, the final decision will be made as well as the additional steps leading up to the signing of the contract. Whatever the outcome, you will be given direct, clear and constructive feedback on your application.

Apprenticeship positions

If you apply for an apprenticeship position and your folder hits the mark, we will invite you for an initial video interview. If that is successful, we will invite you for a face-to-face interview. We will then make a final decision. For an apprenticeship position in the Swisscom Shop or call center, if your first video interview is successful, this will be followed by a second, longer video interview and a full day of work experience in a Swisscom Shop or call center.

Any questions?

4. Welcome

Congratulations, you made it! Welcome to Swisscom. In your first few weeks as you settle in, you will get to know your future team and many new workmates. You will receive training on the most important tools and learn how we work together. On Welcome Day, you will learn everything about our strategy, why sustainability is so important for us and have an opportunity to start networking.

Apprenticeship positions

In your first intensive week of induction, you will learn more about Swisscom and everything about your apprenticeship. You will get to know your personal mentor as well the other apprentices and will have an opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with them. You will get to grips with the online Marketplace and will soon apply for your first project.

At the Junior Brand Academy, you and your fellow apprentices will receive training on the Swisscom brand and what it stands for.


This is where you will find all the answers to frequently asked questions associated with the application process.


Open days, university job fairs, Developer Wednesdays and many more.