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Processing personal data

Processing personal data

What type of data does Swisscom process?

Contact details

Personal data provided to us when you enter into a contract or during the contractual term, such as first name, last name, address, gender, date of birth, telephone number(s) or e-mail address(es). You can verify or change these details at any time via the Customer Center.

Payment details

Data provided to us for invoicing. This includes your account number and sort code for direct debit transactions, and billing address and credit card details for online purchases.

User data

Data on the services and products we provide to you, such as subscriptions and devices (e.g. smartphone, Internet/TV box), as well as the period and frequency of use.

Peripheral data

When you use our communication services, we accrue peripheral data. Peripheral data is the data required to connect to a network, to transfer information and is recorded for invoicing purposes in particular. For example, the telephone numbers of both the caller and receiver may be recorded along with the time and duration of a call and the mobile network location at the time of the call. The same applies to Swisscom's Internet provider services.

Content data

Content data is only processed within the framework of our telecommunication services to allow for its transfer to the recipient. Swisscom does not record any voice content, SMS or MMS messages, nor Chat or Messenger conversations and does not use these for any other purposes. All legal obligations shall apply.

Content that you entrust us with by using our services, such as e-mail, myCloud or Docsafe, is neither read nor evaluated; however, technical and organisational security measures are in place to protect it from unlawful access by third parties. We have no influence over the security of your content data when it is transferred via public networks.

Your communication with Swisscom

We refer here to the information that you exchange with us via e-mail, post, telephone, on social media platforms or at Swisscom Shops, as well as information disclosed to us when participating in competitions, surveys and so on.