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Voiceprint ensures a more secure and simplified hotline experience

Call agents and customers can sometimes discuss sensitive details on the Swisscom hotline, such as invoice details, PIN numbers/Personal Unblocking Keys, WLAN passwords, contract changes etc. This currently requires a time-consuming ID check using security questions. Voiceprint makes these questions a thing of the past: authentication is quick and secure from the second time the customer calls.

What is a voiceprint?

A voiceprint is a file that captures voice characteristics such as frequency, volume, speech rate etc. but does not record any speech content. A voiceprint can authenticate the identity of a person with a success rate of more than 99 percent. The person is identified without the need for data that could be used for fraudulent purposes. Voiceprint can also be used to combat social engineering attacks in which fraudsters assume the role of a customer in an attempt to access sensitive data.


Swisscom saves the voiceprint securely on servers in Switzerland in line with the latest technical standards and uses it exclusively to authenticate the identity of its own customers. Voiceprint provides a new security standard for customer identification. Any customers not wishing to use voiceprint technology may opt out in the Customer Center or advise the agent on the call. In this case, we will continue to use security questions for customer identification purposes.

Manage your voiceprint settings

You can managem your voiceprint settings online:


Voiceprint FAQs