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Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband press kit: We rely on 4G/LTE

The following information is aimed at journalists and media representatives reporting on mobile broadband, mobile communication, mobile networks, mobile communication technology, 4G, LTE, etc. Please mention the source if you use it.

What it’s about

New mobile communication technology is not only producing much higher speeds, but also faster response times and greater capacities. It means more customers can transmit more data faster at the same time.

Our position

Applications and new devices such as smartphones and tablets are placing ever increasing demands on the mobile broadband network, which is why Swisscom is committed to continually expanding its mobile network. 4G/LTE will, in the medium term, be available throughout the entire Swisscom mobile network. LTE-Advanced is even available at an increasing number of locations, thus offering more capacity and bandwidth as well as faster response times.

Facts and figures

By rapidly developing the new 4G/LTE mobile generation Swisscom emphasises its claim to offering Switzerland a very good mobile network. The new 4G/LTE-network is already available to over 90% of the population. In total, 99% of the Swiss population have access to Swisscom's mobile broadband network. Swisscom invests hundreds of millions of francs every year into expanding its mobile network and is already focusing on further developing the 4G/LTE network in the form of LTE-Advanced.

Press releases

4G/LTE images

4G/LTE aerial 1

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4G/LTE aerial 2

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4G/LTE aerial 3

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4G/LTE aerial 4

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Swisscom upgrading its mobile network

Swisscom is upgrading its entire mobile network by the end of 2014. Around 6,000 mobile transmitter stations are being equipped with the latest hardware.



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