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Roaming dossier: leading the way – at home and abroad

The following information is intended for journalists and media professionals writing about mobile telephony and data use abroad (roaming). Please state the source when using it.

The key point

Thanks to its low prices and the transparency and cost control that it offers its customers, Swisscom occupies a leading position among Swiss mobile providers with regard to roaming.

Our position

Swisscom customers can use their smartphones abroad without worrying about extra charges. With its continuous reductions in price for mobile surfing abroad, Swisscom remains significantly cheaper than its competitors.

Facts and figures

In recent years, Swisscom has repeatedly and significantly reduced its prices for mobile telephony and data use abroad. infinity and inOne have already provided over a million Swisscom customers with flat-rate subscriptions, and thanks to the inclusive data volume these provide within the EU, these customers no longer pay roaming charges. inOne also includes SMS/MMS and 100 MB of data in over 190 countries outside the EU. Individual customers are therefore no longer charged for over 90% of the data volume they use worldwide, and this figure is still increasing.

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Swisscom lowers roaming prices once again

Swisscom media spokesperson Annina Merk on the latest price cuts: "We are continuing to lower prices so our customers can make calls, send texts and, in particular, surf the Internet abroad without having to worry about the bill."



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