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Swisscom TV press kit: the leading digital TV service

The following information is aimed at journalists and media representatives reporting on Swisscom TV, digital TV, Replay, Triple Screen, IPTV, pay-TV, video on demand, pay per view, etc. Please mention the source if you use it.

What it’s about

Swisscom has led the Swiss digital TV market since June 2011, not least thanks to the continuous expansion of services such as Replay or Triple Screen. Swisscom achieves a high level of customer satisfaction in all areas of this field.

Our position

These days, television is being used in a fundamentally different way to just a few years ago. Customers always want to watch programmes they are interested in, and not only at the time they are broadcast. Customers also want to watch TV more and more on the device of their choice, e.g. on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Facts and figures

1.5 million customers use fully cloud-based Swisscom TV. Swisscom TV has radically changed the way we watch TV with a range of technological innovations, such as Replay, recording options, live-pause, a voice control system that understands the Swiss dialect, and ultra-sharp UHD images. You can also enjoy the photos and videos from your myCloud album directly on your large TV screen with Swisscom TV. Swisscom TV is also available on your PC, smartphone and tablet. For more details, go to

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Swisscom TV: Made in Switzerland



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