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Press release

Swisscom is technology partner at the World Economic Forum

07 January 2000

As the official Full Service Provider to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Swisscom is once again providing the nearly 2000 visitors and participants of the Annual Meeting of the WEF with the essential services necessary at an event of global dimensions to communicate with the world over switched and fixed connections, mobile and satellite

The World Economic Forum has nominated Swisscom as the Forum´s official Full Service Provider of telecommunications services. As it has in past years, Swisscom will continue to assure switched and fixed connections, mobile and satellite communications - as well as the appropriate security measures necessary - to allow and facilitate communications.

As Official Full Service Provider and a technology partner to the WEF, Swisscom has enhanced the basic infrastructure of Davos with ADSL and ISDN functions to allow for faster transmission of information. The Congress Center itself in Davos has been equipped with a local high performance network, while a wide area network has been extended to include 19 hotels in the village. In addition, a direct network link has been established between World Economic Forum headquarters in Geneva and its temporary offices in Davos to ensure WEF staff of uninterrupted services. The performance capacity of the mobile network in Davos, a focal point of Swisscom´s services to the WEF, has been enhanced by a factor of 4. Swisscom will operate a Help Desk to answer questions or provide quick resolution of communications problems, whether with mobile communications, Wireless Application Protocol services, or laptop connections in hotel rooms.

Worldwide broadcasting services are offered through Swisscom´s MediaLink. MediaLink will provide temporary ISDN connections for the press, as well as transmission links for broadcasters in need of customised live or taped broadcast via satellite.

In Davos, Swisscom will offer WAP-Services to WEF participants. The pre-launch of those services means that WEF participants can receive innovative and event relevant up-to-date Internet content by mobile phone. WAP is a logical progression from the well-known NATEL Info-Service, with the Internet being used as the transmission medium instead of SMS (Short Message Service). Swisscom has announced that it will launch its WAP services officially in Switzerland February 21st.    

Bern, 27 January 2000


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