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Press release

Swisscom reduces fixed-network charges by up to 70% and launches "Weekend Call"

24 January 2000

Switzerland"s leading telecommunications company will reduce standard charges on 1 March 2000 for national and international calls and calls to Swiss mobile networks. Swisscom will also simplify its charge structure for inter-national calls. Consequently, a call to bordering countries and to North America will cost just CHF 0.10 per minute at the weekend. Swisscom will also introduce an attractive special offer called "Weekend Call": calls will cost just one Swiss franc an hour anywhere in Switzerland. Swisscom customers benefit automatically from "Weekend Call".

From 1 March 2000, Swisscom will offer its customers considerably lower charges and new international charge structures. In Switzerland, the cost of a long-distance call will drop by over half from CHF 0.25 per minute to CHF 0.12 per minute (standard rate). The off-peak rate will become CHF 0.10 (previously 0.125) per minute.


New international charges: low-cost and transparent

Swisscom is set to completely overhaul its international charge structure. Border traffic, world cities, standard and off-peak charges will be replaced by just two charge rates: the weekday rate from Monday to Friday and the weekend rate for Saturday and Sunday. In addition, Swisscom has divided all countries of the world into five charge groups.

Under the new charge structure, calls to the bordering countries Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Liechtenstein, and also to the USA and Canada, will be up to 70% less expensive. Calls at the weekday rate will cost just CHF 0.12 instead of CHF 0.39 (standard rate) and CHF 0.10 per minute at weekends. Charges for calls to the UK, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia and the whole of western Europe will also drop considerably.


1-hour call time for 1 Swiss franc

The new "Weekend Call" offer will apply at weekends for Swisscom customers. With "Weekend Call" any call in Switzerland will cost a maximum of just one Swiss franc per hour. This means that customers can make calls for up to an hour on the fixed network and pay a maximum of one Swiss franc regardless of whether the call is local or long-distance or whether it´s at the off-peak or night-time rate. "Weekend Call" starts over again with each new call. The customer benefits automatically when making any long call. "Weekend Call" means that 50 minutes of each hour are "free" for long-distance calls.

The offer applies to all calls on the fixed-line network each Saturday and Sunday anywhere in Switzerland. Calls from mobiles and public payphones, calls from the fixed network to Swiss mobile networks and calls to business and quick-dial numbers are not included. Swisscom customers automatically benefit from "Weekend Call": no subscription is required.
Up to 8 % discount with "Global Volume"

The existing discount schemes will be simplified. From 1 March 2000, Swisscom will only run the "Global Volume" discount scheme. "Hello People" and "Global Numbers" customers will be automatically transferred to "Global Volume". With "Global Volume" Swisscom offers discounts of between 5 and 8 % on monthly call volumes exceeding CHF 100 (previously CHF 250) for Swiss long-distance and international calls. The customer does not enter into any contractual obligation and the previous subscription fee of CHF 6 will no longer apply.


Less expensive calls "Fixed-line to Mobile"

Call charges from the fixed network to Swiss mobile networks will also be less expensive. Call charges "fixed-line to mobile" will drop from CHF 0.79 to CHF 0.55 per minute during standard-rate times and from CHF 0.53 to CHF 0.45 during off-peak times.


More attractive call rates when on the move with Swisscom

Customers using Swisscom telephone cards also stand to benefit from more attractive charge rates.

New national charge rates will also apply to calls from public payphones. There will be a surcharge of 50% on fixed network charges for international calls and for calls to mobile networks.

Berne, 24 January 2000


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