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Swisscom and Commerce One launch new platform for B2B e-commerce

Berne, 17 January 2000

Web shopping solutions are increasingly important because of their enormous saving potential: Swisscom AG, Switzerland"s largest telecommunications company and Commerce One Inc., the leading provider of business-to-business electronic commerce solutions, are to jointly set up an online marketplace

The electronic marketplace is based on a Commerce One product and will be operated by Swisscom. The online marketplace guarantees secure, rapid transactions via Internet for buyers and sellers, simplifies the procurement process and also reduces costs.

Swisscom´s electronic marketplace is a hub for business-to-business trading partners. As part of Commerce One´s Global Trading Web, the marketplace will also provide buyers and sellers with global access to other electronic marketplaces such as those operated by companies in the motor industry and banking and insurance sectors.

The use of a standardised catalogue and the automation of procedures and processes means quick access to a huge market and a considerable cost reduction potential for buyers and sellers alike.

In an initial phase, Swisscom will provide solutions that meet the online purchasing requirements of major companies. In a second phase, the offering will be geared specifically towards branches and SMEs.

Supplementary services, such as payment processing or online auctions, will be provided in partnership with other companies.

The first customer on the electronic marketplace will be Swisscom´s purchasing department. The company anticipates significant cost savings from the electronic processing of purchasing orders.


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