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Press release

Continuing boom on the Swiss data highway: 500'000 ISDN access lines in operation

Berne, 13 January 2000

Swisscom has just put its 500,000th ISDN access line into operation - and it won"t be the last. With ISDN accounting for a 27% share of the entire fixed-line market, Swisscom is one of the worldwide leaders in this sector.

A few days ago, Swisscom put its 500,000th ISDN basic access line into operation, providing ample proof of its leading position in the world of digital communications technology. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Swisscom´s integrated digital communications network for voice and data transmission is very popular in Switzerland. Services such as the availability of two lines, call recognition, free call forwarding, redial on busy, allocation of several telephone numbers, and faster Internet access have contributed considerably to the popularity of ISDN.

Increasing numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises with high communications costs are taking advantage of this digital technology. Why has ISDN enjoyed such a surge in popularity in Switzerland? Hans-Ulrich Imfeld, Head of Swisscom´s Access Lines and hence the product manager responsible for ISDN, explains the phenomenon as follows: "Apart from the supplementary services, people appreciate the high quality standards and reliability of the ISDN service, which results in complete customer satisfaction. According to surveys, ISDN enjoys an extremely high customer satisfaction rate of over 90%."

The introduction in June 1998 of ISDN Light - a tailor-made, attractively-priced ISDN version for private customers - resulted in impressive growth rates in this customer segment. Particularly households with Internet access benefit considerably from the advantage of being able to surf for hours while having a line free to make telephone calls.

Further measures to make start-up with ISDN even easier and more attractive will be introduced in the course of this year.

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