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Smooth transtion to new millennium for telecoms

01 January 2000

Telecommunications traffic in Switzerland was hardly affected by the date change: only the Natel network experienced temporary bottlenecks between midnight and 1am. As experience from previous years has shown, such short-term bottlenecks are common at the start of the New Year due to the large amount of calls from people sending their good wishes. There was also a high volume of SMS messages: these were sent to recipients within three minutes.

Although the load on Swisscom´s fixed network was high, traffic flowed smoothly. All the emergency numbers continued to function without any glitches.
A total of 1000 employees were on duty at Swisscom - the usual figure at New Year is 500. A further 2000 employees were on stand-by.

Swisscom is convinced that its major commitment to the Millennium project has paid off for its customers.
Berne, 1 January 2000


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