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Swisscom optimises international customer support

24 February 2000

The activities of Infonet Schweiz AG, a 90% Swisscom subsidiary, and the Swisscom unit responsible for AUCS communication services are to be combined. This move will enable the various customer sales and support activities to be optimised. Joseph Nançoz will become the new head of Infonet Schweiz AG.

Swisscom will optimise its range of communications solutions for internationally active and multinational customers. Under the operational management of Joseph Nançoz, the sales and support activities of Infonet and AUCS, which were previously managed separately, will be combined within Infonet Schweiz AG.

At Swisscom, Nançoz was head of Multinational Corporations and has been head of Global Service Development for the past 12 months. In the course of his new appointment, Nançoz will hand over the chairmanship of the board of directors of Infonet Schweiz AG to Oscar Derrer, head of Major Accounts (MAC) at Swisscom.

Swisscom has a 17.7% holding in Infonet Services Corporation. The company, which is represented globally in over 70 countries, primarily focuses on international data and voice transmission for multinational customers. In September 1999, Infonet took over the operational activities of AUCS. AUCS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unisource, in which Swisscom has a 33.3% stake.

Berne, 24 February 2000


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