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CeBIT 2000 in Hanover: Swisscom customers benefit from cooperation with European partners

21 February 2000

Swisscom - the leading Swiss telecommunications service provider - joins forces with European partners to deploy its know-how on the national stage and beyond to the international arena. Swisscom has strategically expanded its international presence over recent years with acquisition of subsidiary debitel, stakes in tesion (Germany), Estel (France), UTA (Austria), and subsidiary Swisscom S.p.A. in Italy. Swisscom is able to provide the customer base with significant added value based on the benefits of the know-how and facilities contributed by its partners. Swisscom presents innovative solutions in fixed-line facilities, mobile communication and convergence products at CeBIT Hanover. Swisscom: products and services from a single source in Switzerland

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland and as an allround service provider delivers innovative solutions to deal with important telecommunications challenges. The strategic focus of the company is directed towards creating added value for all customers with the aim of setting the pace in the fast-moving telecommunications market. This is why Swisscom is structured as a Value Added Service Provider (VASP) delivering strategic solutions based on an extensive product portfolio. A major factor in this scenario is responses to the trend towards convergence, which is bringing about a fusion between the fixed-line network, mobile communications and the Internet.

Customer benefits at the centre

Positioning Swisscom as a Value Added Service Provider represents an important strategic principle that defines the direction of the company. Through its partnerships and subsidiaries Swisscom is able to meet the requirements for cross-border services and responses to current trends. Solutions of increasing complexity are particularly required in the areas of the Internet, e-commerce and mobile telephony. It is important for these services to meet the needs of increasing corporate mobility as well as providing solutions tailored to local markets. This is why our CeBIT stand presents Swisscom´s international partners and also features the product houses MobileCom, BusinessCom and PubliCom with a host of exciting and innovative solutions.

debitel: an important partner on the European market

debitel AG has been operating as a full-service provider in the German marketplace since 1991. debitel supplies solutions based on mobile telephony, fixed-line services and the Internet. debitel currently has more than 2000 employees and a customer base totalling around 4.5 million. This robust portfolio ranked debitel as the leading network-independent telecommunications company for 1999. Numerous international subsidiary companies and a dense sales network make debitel an ideal partner for Swisscom. The acquisition continues expansion of a unique position in Europe and sees the implementation of the VASP Model on the international stage. In debitel, Swisscom has found a strategic partner that complements its strengths in distribution and lean processes. debitel also contributes expertise in innovative telecommunication products and secure network accesses to complete the range of products and services. The new subsidiary does not just serve to expand the customer base, it also forms the bedrock for generating growth in important telecommunication sectors, greater competitiveness and added value for customers, investors and employees alike.

Expansion focused on Europe

In addition to debitel, Swisscom has also formed further strategic partnerships in Europe. tesion is based in Baden-Württemberg and is a joint venture between Swisscom AG and energy supplier Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW), which has a 50 percent stake. The company was set up in 1997. It possesses extensive technical know-how and has the latest high-performance infrastructure running to more than 3000 km of optical fibres in Baden-Württemberg. The company supplies service packages from a single source to business and residential customers in the areas of telephony, data services and the Internet.

Estel S.A. - based in Strasbourg - was founded in 1998 by energy supplier Electricité de Strasbourg. Estel´s highly developed fibre-optic network covers the entire region of Alsace and is linked to the Swisscom network in Switzerland and the tesion network in Baden-Württemberg. Estel is the first private telecommunications company in France to offer Carrier Preselection Services. There has also been a partnership since July 1998 with UTA Telekom AG in Austria. UTA was founded in 1994 by the nine Austrian regional energy suppliers. Swisscom holds a stake of 50% and one share in the leading alternative telecommunications provider in Austria. In 1998 Swisscom founded Swisscom S.p.A. with the aim of establishing a presence in the Italian market. It supplies companies operating on the international stage with integrated communication and IT solutions. It also profiles innovative opportunities in the area of e-commerce.

Swisscom and its partners present exciting solutions at CeBIT in Hanover from 24 February to 1 March 2000 at Stand D32 in Hall 25. debitel profiles its products and services at Stand B.50, Hall 25.

Berne, 21 February 2000


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