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Swisscom unveils new roaming services for the future at GSM Congress in Cannes

03 February 2000

With the merger of its two subsidiaries, Swiss Clearline and Comfone, Swisscom has broken new ground in roaming. The merged company will buy and sell air time in its new role as roaming broker. In addition, as service provider, Swisscom continues to offer new value-added services.

Swisscom´s 215 worldwide international roaming agreements with 105 countries form the basis for the successful operation of Comfone and Swiss ClearLine. From consulting to billing, they provide operators with the ideal roaming solution tailored to meet their needs. International customers are offered a comprehensive range of products, including access and signalling solutions, data clearing, finance services; consulting, testing and training.

To date, Comfone has over 500 operational roaming connections with 90 network operators worldwide and offers operators access to their preferred partners via its international roaming platform. The necessary data and financial clearing services are provided by Swiss ClearLine.

Roaming Brokerage

After making its subsidiary, Comfone, a wholly-owned company (previously 50% Swisscom, 50% Vodafone AirTouch) in autumn 1999, Swisscom merged Comfone with another Swisscom subsidiary, Swiss Clearline in January. The two companies ideally complement each other in the international roaming business: Comfone offers quick, optimally-priced technical access to the international roaming network; Swiss Clearline offers data and financial clearing services. "As a single entity - that of roaming broker - the merged companies offer a comprehensive roaming solution for mobile operators worldwide", Swisscom´s head of mobile international business, Toni Stadelmann, underlines at Swisscom´s media conference at the GSM World Congress in Cannes on Thursday, 3 February 2000.

The traditional bilateral roaming between single companies is increasingly becoming a brokerage business, a trend acknowledged by the GSM association. The new company has the services needed to further simplify and facilitate international roaming brokerage.

Data Warehouse

With its new "Data Warehouse" Comfone it improves the information level of customers enormously. Logging in on their internet browser, customers can view their TAP file exchange which is updated several times an hour. The first release of "Data Warehouse" enhances file status and financial information and is the most advanced solution worldwide.

TAP Testing Toolkit (TTT)

Swiss ClearLine supplies the TAP Testing Toolkit (TTT) for TAP (Transferred Account Procedure) files to the GSM Association which, in turn, distributes it to all GSM operators. This standardised solution simplifies the testing of billing data exchanged between different operators. The experience and expertise in cellular billing ideally positioned Swiss ClearLine to handle this crucial task in the implementation of TAP3 (latest version of the GSM standard) in the current year. The TTT is currently undergoing user-testing and will probably be distributed in April.

Solutions for innovative communications applications

SICAP® offers modules for different needs like prepaid services, prepaid roaming, various reload possibilities, I-Commerce and all sorts of Solutions for Innovative Communications APplications. Its open architecture and modular system meet the prepaid and post-paid demands of mobile operators today and in the future. Based on the SICAP® prepaid roaming module Swisscom developed its GSM CARD easyRoam with additional value added-services.

GSM CARD easyRoam and its value-added services

GSM CARD easyRoam has seen remarkable success since its commercial launch in April 1999. It is available from distributors and now also over Internet.

In Cannes 2000, Ernest Cavin, Head of International Service Providing Swisscom mobile, presents four new value-added services:

Short message service: To send and receive Short Messages is now also possible for GSM CARD easyRoam-Holders  
InfoService: Round-the-clock information via Short message Service (SMS) for prepaid roaming customers to over 100 countries.  
E-Mails: To send an e-mail from a handy with a GSM CARD easyRoam is easy, quick and reliable  
easyGambling enables easyRoam customers around the world to participate in lotteries and bets, not concerning time or place.  
Berne/Cannes, 3 February 2000


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