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Swisscom to reduce its share in Swisskey

23 March 2000

Swisscom is looking for partners to participate in Swisskey, the Swiss Certification Authority, so as to provide broader support for Swisskey"s business activities. Swisscom will reduce its share of 47.5% by the end of 2000. Swisskey is a certification authority for digital IDs in Switzerland.

Swisskey was formed in 1998 by Swisscom, Telekurs and DigiSigna. The aim of the Swiss Certification Centre was to create an important basis for secure electronic trade over the Internet. Swisskey issues electronic certificates to private individuals and organisations. The certificates allow unambiguous identification, digital signatures and encryption for e-commerce solutions via the Internet or mobile communications.

Swisskey today has over 650 registration points throughout the country. Swisskey certificates are used in a variety of applications.

Swisskey AG has a staff of around 25. Swisscom AG and Telekurs Holding AG each have a 47.5% share, the remaining 5% is held by DigiSigna - an association of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Berne, 23 March 2000


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