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Press release

Negotiations on collective bargaining agreement concluded

14 March 2000

Most Swisscom employees will be employed according to a new collective bargaining agreement from 1 January 2001. The agreement between Swisscom and the unions has been concluded. The agreement, which will initially apply for a three-year period, has yet to be approved by the Swisscom Board of Directors and the competent staff associations committee.

Swisscom staff will be employed under private law as of 1 January 2001. Switzerland´s leading telecommunications provider will remain a modern and attractive employer under the new terms of employment.

The cornerstones of the yet to be accepted collective bargaining agreement are:

Working hours and holidays: Under the new collective bargaining agreement, Swisscom offers, in addition to a reduction of the working week to 40 hours, the latest working time models (e.g. extended flex time, annual working hours, long-term account, teleworking) and 5 weeks holiday per calendar year.  

Market-oriented payment: The new salary system takes into account to a greater extent the individual performance of employees and the success of the company. The transition to the new salary system is linked to a salary guarantee until the end of 2001.  

Swisscom remains an attractive employer: Cooperation will take place between the staff associations and employees in operational commissions which have yet to be set up  

Details on the content of the collective bargaining agreement will be released via the competent channels.

Bern, 14. March 2000 


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