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Press release

New tariffs for international directory enquiries

08 March 2000

On 1 April 2000 Swisscom will increase the charge for accessing international directory enquiries to CHF 2.50; however, completing the follow-up call by pressing the "5" key will cost less.

Calls to international directory enquiry numbers 1151 (Austria), 1152 (Germany), 1153 (France) 1154 (Italy) and 1159 (rest of the world) will continue to be charged at CHF 0.59 per minute for the first 90 seconds, day or night. The charge for information enquiries taking longer or for the completion of international calls by pressing the "5" key will now be a uniform CHF 0.25 per minute, equivalent to an overall price reduction.

The number "5" key service following information enquiries can now also be used to complete calls to Australia, Hawaii and Alaska. This means that Swisscom customers can now make calls to 18 countries using the number "5" key service provided by international directory enquiries.

Charges for national directory enquiries (111) remain the same. The price reduction for long distance calls introduced on 1 March 2000 will also apply to national calls made using the "5" key service.

The price increase for international directory enquiries is due to losses incurred in this area. The Swiss telephone directory services were liberalised in 1992.

Customer questions can be answered by calling freephone 0800 800 115.

Berne, 8 March 2000


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Media Relations
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