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Computer 2000 in Lausanne: broad product range for even more customer benefit

25 April 2000

Swisscom presents individual solution packages in Lausanne for SMEs, large companies and private individuals. Under the motto "All in one by Swisscom" the Swiss full-service provider for telecommunications presents a comprehensive range of services that meets all communication requirements for business and residential customers. Innovative, market-oriented solutions, like WAP or the new Trend G366 - a cordless telephone and mobile phone all in one - meet the requirement for more flexibility in tele-communications. Computer"00 - the IT platform primarily for French-speaking Switzerland - gives Swisscom the stage for presenting their broad range of products to specific target groups.

Swisscom: telecommunication solutions from a single source

Swisscom is an allrounder providing exciting solutions to telecommunications issues. The company that focuses on customers and their needs. Swisscom is structured as a Value Added Service Provider (VASP) and the company´s broadly-based product portfolio allows it to supply customers with significant value added. Groundbreaking and needs-oriented product solutions combine the advantages of the fixed network, mobile communications and the Internet. The product houses Mobile Com, Business Com and Publi Com present complex solutions at Computer´00 that are not just capable of being tailored to individual requirements, they are also geared to satisfying the increasing mobility of corporate and residential customers.

Mobil Com with solutions for people on the move

Companies are increasingly dependent on communicating with their employees outside the office and having access to information. Laptops and mobile phones allow any location to be turned into a mobile office at a moment´s notice. Swisscom has tested communication technology, driven the engineering forward and adapted it to customers´ needs.

To take one example, the new generation of mobile phones communicates much more than just words. Multi Media phones provide access to the Internet anywhere, anytime. The integrated WAP-Browser (Wireless Application Protocol) allows users to access specially adapted Internet pages on their mobile phones. This service affords access to information like news, weather reports, share prices, e-mails, flight timetables, entertainment, and electronic commerce or Internet banking - anywhere, anytime. Since the start of 2000 Swisscom has provided special Internet pages and is continually building up the range available.

CMN (Corporate Mobile Network) is a system solution that links up the fixed network with the mobile network to create an internal corporate communications network. This is ideal for companies with different locations and employees who are always on the move, but still need to be accessible. CMN means that mobile telecommunications subscribers can be contacted easily throughout Switzerland by dialling abbreviated numbers. This system cuts costs because calls within the Office Zone (an area 10 km by 10 km in rural areas, and 5 km by 5 km in urban areas) are equivalent to internal calls and are therefore charged at particularly generous rates. The detailed list of all calls on a single bill permits optimum cost control and minimizes administrative expenditure.

NATEL® OfficeLink is the practical solution if employees also need to access the Intranet or the corporate LAN network. This innovative communication technology gives users the capability for transmitting large volumes of data simply, quickly and securely from any location. It´s also a good deal into the bargain. Classic Intranet applications like e-mail, access to internal company appointment schedules, access to inventory data or research results, loading extracts from manuals onto laptops or using MS-Office programs (Word, Excel) is quite simply - no problem. It is also possible to access the Internet, anywhere and anytime.

Business Com - Integrated total solutions for SMEs and major customers

Technical progress, global markets and advances in networking business partners place new requirements on telecommunication solutions. Electronic Commerce is increasingly important for many large and small customers who want to conquer new market segments and expand existing ones. This is not just the case for data interchange with retail customers. It also applies in the business-to-business sector. Swisscom supports customers from the initial idea through to maintaining the system once it is up and running. Particular emphasis is placed on tailormade, efficient solutions that guarantee fast, secure data traffic between trading partners. This system is based on the CommerceMaker product line with modules tailored to individual requirements. The NetTrade Business Centre is the ideal hub for secure, standardized electronic data interchange (EDI) with global business partners.

Many companies need to get at information quickly to be successful in business. This makes inexpensive and professional access to the Internet essential to meet the demands for fast information. The IP-Plus Light Service offers cost-effective, direct Internet access on leased lines for small and medium-sized companies as well. This means that customers are linked directly to the Internet round-the-clock and pay a flat-rate monthly fee for the service. It is possible to link up with additional services like e-mail, fax, Natel SMS and Telepage Swiss or the Electronic Telephone Directory at any time. The new IP-Plus Light Service has capacity for 2 to 20 employees. This makes it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, and for private customers who rely on professional Internet access. The service has been available since 1 December 1999 in most towns in Switzerland. Extension of the service throughout Switzerland is planned by the end of the year 2000. Swisscom has developed SecurePoP® with a robust firewall to prevent unauthorized access to internal company data through the Internet.

Companies on several sites are faced with the challenge of creating a unified communication infrastructure by linking up their local networks (LAN). The LAN Interconnect Service (LAN-I) facilitates this objective on a company-wide basis if the individual networks are scattered over a wide geographical area. Partnerships in more than 100 countries allow Swisscom to network companies globally. LAN-I gives employees of a company access to dispersed databases, e-mail and other networked applications, regardless of their location. Another positive aspect to this solution is the fact that the service is supplied from a single source - Swisscom. Companies have no headaches about monitoring, operation and maintenance - they can concentrate on their core business. LAN-I can also be extended by Remote Access Service (RAS) in order to safeguard remote access to the corporate network and prevent unauthorized access to servers and applications. This will ensure that only employees can access the corporate network from home or by mobile phone while they are on the move.

Swisscom has developed Inhouse Communication with a new communication standard. This benchmark innovation means that small and medium-sized companies only have to access one network for all corporate communication. This manages all equipment (servers, PCs, peripherals) and all communication services (voice, data and image) on a single network and makes it accessible at the click of a mouse. A total solution is put together for each company from a big range of standardized modules. This solution is tailored to the individual requirements of the particular company. It can be upgraded at any time with applications for the Internet or electronic commerce.

Innovative technologies from Publi Com

It´s not just big companies that are becoming increasingly dependent on innovative telecommunication solutions. Private individuals and small companies also need good telecommunications. New technologies play a particularly important role in the development of equipment when it comes to satisfying the demand for increased mobility. Trend G366 combines the advantages of the cordless phone with the benefits of a dualband mobile. Wherever you are - at home, or on the move - users can make their calls with the same handset. You only need one number to be accessible all the time. This package is cost-effective because fixed-line tariffs are charged from home and the more expensive mobile rates only come into play where users are on the move. Other practical services are SMS, computer, conversion functions for foreign currencies, or an alphabetical telephone book for 250 addresses. Up to six mobile phones can be linked to each base station if several people need to be connected to the same number.

One Number is another option for instant access anywhere under the same number. A telephone number is no longer linked to a handset but accompanies an individual wherever he goes. Customers can divert their personal number to practically any line in Switzerland and abroad - they can even divert it to a mobile phone. This makes cashless telephony a reality - virtually anywhere.

Follow meNATEL also allows calls to be diverted simply and easily from a fixed-line to a mobile phone. Calls are diverted from home to mobile, as soon as your mobile phone is switched on. Subscribers also receive Combox. This functions as a telephone answering machine if a call cannot be taken.

All in one by Swisscom

Once again, Computer´00 sees Swisscom presenting a comprehensive review of the latest technology and demonstrating tried-and-tested solutions for lots of communication issues. Experienced customer advisers guarantee personal advice related to your particular solution and give comprehensive answers to your questions.

You´ll find Swisscom here:

Computer´00, Stand 3638 in Hall 36

Berne, 25 April 2000


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