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Press release

Swisscom to hive off SICAP

26 May 2000

Swisscom will hive off the globally successful SICAP system unit on 1 October 2000 so as to increase its effectiveness in the international growth market of mobile communications and pave the way for strategic partnerships. Swisscom will retain a majority holding in the subsidiary company. At present, SICAP is used mainly for prepaid applications, such as Natel easy in Switzerland.

Putting the SICAP system unit on an independent footing will enable SICAP to be repositioned through the implementation of a forward-looking strategy. The move will also ensure greater commercial freedom, improve growth potential and enable partnerships to be entered into.

SICAPĀ“s strategy is geared towards prepaid, prepaid roaming and mobile commerce system solutions for mobile operators and service providers. A proven international partner will be sought as a minority shareholder to assure the implementation of the growth strategy. The participation of a third party should strengthen the mobile commerce system solutions business unit and the global sales organisation.

All Swisscom Mobile customer contracts will be transferred to the new company. The Swisscom subsidiary will continue to manage customer relationships and the existing products and services. The concentration of all activities will improve customer care.

Most of the 30 or so employees in this unit will be transferred to the new subsidiary in order to ensure the smooth transition of all activities. Some employees will remain at Swisscom Mobile, where they will assume new roles.

SICAP system - satisfying the requirements of around 15 million mobile customers

The SICAP system was developed by Swisscom and is now being used globally by eleven network operators. Around 15 million customers use SICAP-based services, one example being the 1996 world premiere prepaid system for GSM mobile networks, known in Switzerland as Natel easy. Today, Swisscom offers a wide range of innovative solutions in the fields of prepaid, prepaid roaming and value-added services. Nearly all Swisscom mobile customers use the SICAP-based services.

Berne, 26 May 2000


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