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New broadband service from Swisscom: Swisscom launches ADSL technology

17 May 2000

From summer 2000, Swisscom will offer Blue Window and other telecommunications providers a broadband, IP-based fixed-network service (Internet protocol), enabling them to provide end customers with attractive services in the new broadband market, such as fast Internet access. The use of the Swisscom network by other carriers promotes competition in the Swiss telecommunications market and enables optimal capacity utilisation of the existing infrastructure to be achieved.

As part of a wholesale deal, Swisscom will offer Blue Window and the other telecommunications providers a broadband connection service to an IP-based solution. These providers will, in turn, be able to offer their end customers tailored broadband solutions, such as fast Internet access. The launch of this new service will pave the way for further growth in the Swiss telecommunications market. A Swisscom state-of-the-art IP-platform will be used to provide the connection between the customer and service provider.

Start-up in seven Swiss cities - pilot operation from July 2000

Swisscom will make the same non-discriminatory offer to all wholesale customers. Telecommunications providers and internal Swisscom business units and subsidiary companies will be treated equally. The new ADSL service is based on a broadband connection to end customers. In an initial phase, it will be available in seven cities: Zurich, Geneva, Basle, Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and St. Gallen. Two speeds will be available to end customers: 512/128 kBps and 256/64 kBps. The first figure indicates the speed at which data can be transmitted from the provider to the customer, while the second is the speed at which customer data can be transmitted to the provider. This technology allows customers to transmit data eight times faster than with ISDN. The market entry will also enable new services to be launched. The service will be upgraded continuously on the basis of the technical framework conditions and according to demand.
In order to allow the functionality of this new broadband service to be tested with potential wholesale customers before the service is officially launched, Swisscom will run a pilot-operation test from July 2000. This will involve testing the entire spectrum of services, their functions and the necessary processes.

Through its subsidiary Blue Window, Swisscom will offer end customers a combination of ADSL and Internet services. 

What is ADSL?

ADSL technology belongs to the family of xDSL technologies, which use the existing to-your-doorstep telephone cable for broadband access to the data network. xDSL, which requires a DSL system at both ends of the copper line, is similar to modem technology. ADSL uses the entire transmission spectrum of copper lines. Analogue or digital voice or data signals can be transmitted at the same time as ADSL data via the same cable. ADSL also allows you to phone or fax, and surf the Net at megabit speed at the same time. 

Berne, 17 May 2000


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